Infinity Sankom Dietary  Fiber(06 Box)

Infinity Sankom Dietary Fiber(06 Box)

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Detoxification – Eliminates Toxins From Your Body

Cleans Your Intestines And Improves Intestinal Flora

Helps Maintain AHealthy And Normal Levels Of Cholesterol

Manages The Digestive System, Preventing Constipation & Indigestion

Fiber plays an essential role in your digestive, heart, and skin health, and may improve blood sugar control, weight management, and more

Whole grains are not the best source of fiber, as they contain anti-nutrients and glutinous, “binding” proteins; vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the most healthful sources of fiber

If your gut health is compromised, fiber may feed pathogenic bacteria; healing your gut with probiotic-rich fermented vegetables is recommended before eating a high-fiber diet

Most people need upwards of 50 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories consumed; most Americans get nowhere near this amount

Excellent tool for Intuitive Nutrition when you reduced possibility of regular intake of healthy fibre-rich food at home. Contain: - Dietary Fibres (oligofructose and inulin); - Green Tea Extract; - Natural fruit taste: grapefruit - No GMO - No gluten - Trans fat free - sugar & glucose syrup instead of unhealthy artificial sweeteners - Halal Advantages: - natural and healthy way of slimming: cut-hunger effect - 100% Swiss made - Pleasant and delicious - Portable - everywhere with you! - Only 15 Kcal per chewing cube - Ideal combination of Fibres + Green Tea Extract - 6 chewing cubes contain 4g of Fibres - No excessive laxative effectPrebiotic Dietary Fibres (oligofructose, inulin): - lead to a "cut-hunger" effect (in contact with water, grow and fill the stomach space) - creates satiety effect - sponge effect: clean the intestine and lead to a "flat stomach" - ডেলিভারি ম্যানকে আগে টাকা বুঝিয়ে দিয়ে প্রোডাক্টটি বুঝে নিবেন।
ডেলিভারি ম্যান থাকাকালীন প্রোডাক্ট চেক করুন।
ডেলিভারি ম্যান চলে আসার পর কোনো অভিযোগ গ্রহণ করা হবে না, কোনো প্রোডাক্ট চেঞ্জ অথবা রিটার্ন হবে না। কোনো সমস্যা থাকলে ডেলিভারি ম্যান থাকাকালীন আমাদের কল দিবেন।

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