T9 Multi Functional Laptop Table with Cooler

T9 Multi Functional Laptop Table with Cooler

৳ 2220

Condition: New

Item type: Laptop table desk

Brand: Other brand

MODEL: T9 (23.2 Inch Length) T9 Laptop Tables are the best quality aluminium laptop tables in the market. This item is very useful for any size laptops and notebooks. It can hold up to 21 inch laptops and can carry a weight of 15 kgs. T9 Aluminium Laptop table also comes with an attachable/detachable mouse pad. This model has a big six cooling fan and that runs with USB power from Laptop/Power bank/Direct AC Adapter. The T9 Aluminium laptop table is easy to carry and it will make your life easy. You can work long hours or watch movies at bed, on the floor or when travelling in a car. Fold-able & portable. Material: 100% aluminum. Weight: Around 2kg. Color: Black. Dimension: 23.2 Inch long, 11.75 width. 1 large USB cooling fan. QUIET USB POWERED CPU COOLING FANS – Connect USB Cord (Included) to Your Computer to Power the Quiet Cooling Fans. Market price:2500tk NOT:Delivery charge free contact: 100% product grantee So fast order

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