Totemism And Exogamy Volume 2nd [Hardcover]  (Hardcover, James George Frazer)

Totemism And Exogamy Volume 2nd [Hardcover]  (Hardcover, James George Frazer)

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Publication Year: 2022


Author Info: About The Author : Sir James George Frazer OM FRS FRSE FBA( 1854 –1941) was a Scottish social anthropologist and folklorist influential in the early stages of the modern studies of mythology and comparative religion. In making a vast range of primitive custom appear intelligible to European thinkers of his time, Frazer had a wide influence among men of letters; and, though he traveled little himself, he was in close contact with missionaries and administrators who provided information for him and valued his interpretation of it. His other works include Totemism and Exogamy (1910) and Folk-Lore in the Old Testament (1918). He was knighted in 1914.

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