Women's Superiority Through Quran  (English, Hardcover, Zubeda Baig)

Women's Superiority Through Quran  (English, Hardcover, Zubeda Baig)

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Publication Year: 2016

Table of Contents: CONTENTS:- Acknowledgements 11 Preface 13 1. Introduction 15 Why Men are Bad? Why women are not doing anything? All… are not enough; even oprah chooses obama and not Hillary for President? 2. The Superiority of Women 29 Myth about women and their real superiority… Women are not standing up for other women and their daughters. 3. World Religion 65 World religion speaks the same language, to put women down. They all say to put women in their place. Most men want to put women in their place… so they are denied for any rights – political, economical, social, religious or educational. 4. Women’s Rights and Superiority in Sixth Century 77 What happened to women’s rights that Qur’an gave in Sixth century?  Qur’an Vs Hadees – when mullas talk they think they know but it is bad interpretation by men. 5. Conclusion 125 New rules and ideas about Human Rights gone Education for every one… New thinking and interpretation for and by women. Bibliography 163 Index 173


Author Info: ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- I was born in Damoh on November 14, 1949. My maternal grandfather, Dr. N. Chetterge delivered me. His wife, my grandmother, was a jew and they raised my mother as a Christian. My father's family belongs to the landlords. His mother's first cousin was Zakir Hussain, the first Muslim President of India. I have four brothers who have remained in India. After a call from my Uncle to visit, I departed to America in 1975. In 1977, I married Mirza Baig. We have two children. My son Zameer is married and has a child, Noah. My daughter is a practicing lawyer who earned her J.D. from Northwestern University in Chicago. I was educated at St. John's College in Agra and Aligarh University. I later earned my political science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I became interested in women's empowerment so I received my PhD in Gender Equality from Lucknow University.

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