10 Perfect Date Spots To Explore In Sutton

The UK boasts great weather, but it also offers hidden gems that you can explore on your next date. Here are 10 great places to visit on dates in Sutton.


Bath is a city in the county of Somerset, England. It is a former Roman settlement and retains a measure of Roman architecture.

The Times newspaper designated it as one of England’s top ten cities to visit and named it one of their “top places to eat” in 2015.

Bath is home to many historic buildings: some date back over 1,000 years; others are more recent such as Georgian houses.

Cheddar Gorge

If you’re looking for a natural attraction that’s not just great for kids, but also easy to get to and well worth the visit, Cheddar Gorge should be at the top of your list.

The gorge is actually a national park—the only one in England and it’s home to some impressive sights: its underground river; its limestone walls; and even fossils!

It’s also an incredibly popular place for families because it has lots of walks along with its beautiful scenery which makes it ideal for date nights.

The National Trust at Dover Castle

The National Trust at Dover Castle is a great place to visit on dates. It’s also a great place to visit with friends and family, as well as if you just want some time alone.

William the Conqueror originally built the castle in 1068 to provide a safe place for his wife Matilda (also known as Maud) and their children, Edward I and Henry I, upon their arrival in England. This was after their successful defeat of King Harold II of England at Hastings in 1066.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are a natural wonder that attracts tourists from all over the world. They are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and they’re one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks.

The Cliffs consist of limestone rocks and feature caves where visitors can swim in the waterfalls cascading into them.

The best thing about this place is its setting, as it offers amazing views over Galway Bay and even across Galway Bay to Connemara National Park. Additionally, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. You can watch sunsets here too if you want to make your date night truly unforgettable!

St Michaels Mount

St Michael’s Mount is a National Trust property in the county of Kerry. It is located on the Dingle Peninsula, overlooking Valentia Harbour and Iveragh Peninsula. It was built by French Huguenots during the 16th century, who called it “St Anne’s Mount”.

Over 100 staff members work day in and day out at the site, ensuring everything runs smoothly for visitors. The site has been restored to its original appearance and now houses these dedicated individuals.

Lighthouse Bay Island

Lighthouse Bay Island is a perfect date spot for those who love the outdoors and want to experience some nature.

This island is home to many birds, including blue-winged warblers, roseate spoonbills, and great egrets. You can also see turtles swimming in the water or fishing on the shoreline.

The beach’s calm waters make it an ideal place for swimming or boating during your visit.

Ardmore Gardens and Zoo, County Waterford

Ardmore Gardens and Zoo is a family-friendly zoo in County Waterford, Ireland. The zoo has over 2,000 animals representing more than 200 species which makes it one of the largest privately owned zoos in Europe.

Ardmore Gardens and Zoo is located near Thomastown on the south side of Waterford City, close to Lismore Country Park and Muckross House. This location provides plenty of opportunity for you to get out on dates during your stay here at Ardmore Gardens & Zoo!

Howth Cliff Walk, Co Dublin

Howth is a coastal town in County Dublin, Ireland. It is home to the Howth Cliff Walk, the second-highest sea cliff walk in Ireland. The walk is 2km long and takes about 1 hour to complete.

People have inhabited Howth since neolithic times, and Vikings briefly colonized it, establishing settlements along its shores during their 8th-century AD raids on Ireland’s coastlines.

In modern times it became a popular vacation spot for wealthy families from London who sailed over on luxury cruise liners before returning home via Dublin port upon completion of their holiday.

Kells, Co Meath

Kells is a small town in County Meath, Ireland. It is located on the River Boyne, around 25km from the city of Trim. Known for its medieval abbey and castle, Kells has been an important settlement since Neolithic times (c. 2000 BC). The town once had a population of around 1,000 inhabitants but now only has about 300 residents due to emigration.

Kells holds the distinction of being one of Ireland’s oldest towns, established before AD 500 when St. Colmcille founded his monastery at Ard Breccan (Ard Chomcatain). The site later transformed into St. Comgall’s church and eventually St. Patrick’s Cathedral after his visit in 461 AD.

Check out 10 places to visit in Sutton

Sutton is a town in the county of Surrey, England. It is located on the south side of London and has been part of Greater London since 1965. Sutton was originally part of Surrey before it was divided into two counties: Middlesex and Kent.

Sutton is a suburb of London and one of its largest postcodes starts with SXT (suburb code SE25 0XU).

Traveling in Sutton With Sutton Taxis

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So there you have it, 10 great places to visit in Sutton. Some of these are well known and some are not, but they all have something special that makes them worth checking out. If you’re looking for a romantic date night or want to go on a family day out – these 10 places are perfect!