Human Hair Extensions

11 Common Myths Bubble Burst About Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions are probably the best thing that has happened for women’s hair styling. When it came into the market, the hair extensions caught a real-fast pace in sales and became one of the most demanded products.

But as happens with every good thing, human hair extensions too have several myths around them. Some of them are silly while some really can affect you.

We are today going to burst some of the most hair extension myths that are floating around in the market. Read the whole blog to know whether you have heard of any one of them or not or if you’re stopping yourself from buying a hair extension for these very reasons. 

1. Extensions will Damage Your Natural Hair: 

The most common myth is that wearing an extension will damage your natural hair. This is an absolute lie that some normies use. The truth is that extensions damage your hair only when it is not taken care. Moreover, don’t go buying cheap quality hair extensions as they will surely do damage. Also, look for a proper hair extension maintenance guide to keep it long-lasting & healthy.

2. Human Hair Extensions Don’t Look Natural: 

 Synthetic hairs don’t look natural when looked at closely but this is absolutely a myth for the natural hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are made up of real human hair that gives them an absolutely real look and they even feel real because they are real hairs.

Such issues come especially when the quality of the hair extension is low, or it has not been blended nicely.

Choosing a high quality hair extension and blending can be affected by these factors:

  •  Source of hair
  • Type & Texture
  • Color
  • Length, etc.

Using these parameters helps you to select the best-matched hair extension for your natural hair. 

3. Extensions Won’t Allow Your Hair to Grow:

A complete misguidance on hair extensions. Hair extensions, when properly placed on head areas, allow your natural hair to grow at its natural pace. Unless you have placed them wrongly, your hair is safe. Also, make sure to take them off very gently otherwise it may break your hair from roots. 

4. Hair Extensions Only Adds Length: 

I understand that most people judge everything without understanding their full potential. Hair extensions may have been used for adding length only but that is not the case today. 

Clip-in Hair extensions are in demand for their length, style, volume, texture, types, and colors. Not everything is a need, some fall under the luxury too. 

Professional hair stylists suggest using hair extensions instead of styling your natural hair to keep them safe & healthy.

5. Hair Extensions are Costly: 

If someone would have said this years ago, we would say yes, they are. But it’s not. With the increasing demand for human hair extensions in the global market, they are accessible to all at a reasonable cost. 

Understand that the prices of hair extensions vary with their quality, material, types, and methods of application. Quality Permanent hair extensions from Gemeria can run for up to 6 months when used on a regular basis and upto 98 months if used less. Temporary hair extensions can easily last upto 1 year if used regularly and upto 9 months if used regularly. The proper installation and care also matter. whereas temporary hair extensions last up to 6 months.

6. Hair Extensions are Uncomfortable: 

Not at all! Those who haven’t used it once pass these comments. Hair extensions are far from uncomfortable. Although you may take some time to get used to it. Once done, you will start to treat them like your natural hair only. 

7. Hair Extensions are Painful: 

The hair extensions aren’t painful. If you’re using hair extensions for the first time, the application may give you mild discomfort. However, you will get used to it in just 1-2 days and everything will be like normal days only.

8. Hair Extensions can cause Headaches: 

No. Hair extensions don’t cause you headaches. When used for the first time, it may feel a little odd to carry but within 1 or 2 years, you will be used to it. 

Professional extensions are to offer compatibility with your natural hair without any additional complexities. If you’re having headaches, check whether you’ve placed it correctly or not.

9. You can’t style Hair Extensions: 

Hair extensions behave just like your natural hair. So don’t hesitate to treat them the same. Use your styling kit on your hair extension just as your natural ones. 

Human Hair extensions can be styled in several ways such as Curling, Straightening, Coloring, etc. Moreover, these hair extensions can withstand a certain amount of heat. Though we suggest not going for a heating option. 

10. Horsehair is Used for Hair Extensions: 

All hair extensions are made of human hair and synthetic hair. You can choose any one of the above as per your preferences. 

Remember that all branded hair extension companies use donated human hair that is sold & transferred ethically from the regional parts of India. 

11. All Hair Extensions Are Synthetic: 

Not all hair extensions are made of synthetic hair. Human hair extensions are available in the market. Moreover, you can style the natural hair extensions just like your natural hair. 

Note – You can’t apply heat to synthetic hair extensions. 


Human Hair extensions are one of the most demanded products in today’s time. In this blog, we have burst some of the myths that revolve around them. We hope this blog has helped you in some way or another. If so, don’t miss more of our blog.