15+ Best Chess Anime That You Must Watch at AnimeHub!

Chess-themed Anime may not be as common as other genres, but there are some interesting titles that incorporate chess into their stories or use it as a central theme. Here are some of the best chess anime that you might enjoy:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:

  • Synopsis: While not exclusively about chess, this mecha anime features strategic battles reminiscent of chess matches. The protagonist, Lelouch, employs his tactical genius in a high-stakes game of rebellion.
    • Why You Should Watch: “Code Geass” is known for its compelling characters and intricate plot, with strategic battles akin to chess.

No Game No Life:

  • Synopsis: Sibling duo Sora and Shiro, known as “Blank,” are transported to a world where everything is determined by games, including chess. They aim to conquer the world using their gaming skills.
    • Why You Should Watch: Chess is just one of the many games featured in this series, which is filled with wit, strategy, and fantastical elements.
  • “March Comes in Like a Lion” (3-gatsu no Lion):
  • Synopsis: The main character, Rei Kiriyama, is a shogi (Japanese chess) player who grapples with personal challenges while competing in the world of professional shogi.
    • Why You Should Watch: While not traditional chess, the series explores the strategic and competitive aspects of board games.

Hikaru no Go:

  • Synopsis: This anime follows the story of Hikaru Shindo, who stumbles upon a haunted Go board and is possessed by the spirit of a Go master. He then embarks on a journey to become a Go pro.
    • Why You Should Watch: Although it’s about Go (a different board game), the series captures the intensity of strategic board gaming and personal growth.

Shion no Ou:

  • Synopsis: Shion, a young girl who witnesses her parents’ murder, becomes a professional shogi player while searching for her parents’ killer.
    • Why You Should Watch: “Shion no Ou” combines elements of mystery and suspense with the world of shogi.

Log Horizon:

  • Synopsis: In the virtual MMORPG world of Elder Tale, players find themselves trapped. The protagonist, Shiroe, uses his strategic skills to navigate this new reality.
    • Why You Should Watch: While it’s primarily an MMORPG anime, it involves complex strategic planning, similar to chess.


  • Synopsis: Two aspiring manga artists aim to become the best in the industry by creating a successful manga series. While not about chess, it showcases intense competition and strategy.
    • Why You Should Watch: “Bakuman” delves into the world of creativity, competition, and achieving one’s dreams.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 at AnimeHub

These anime series offer strategic thinking, competitive gameplay, and elements of chess or chess-like games, making them appealing to fans of intellectual challenges and well-thought-out plots. While not all of them focus exclusively on chess, they explore themes of strategy and competition in various ways.

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