5 Blake Lively Movies You Should Watch

If Blake Lively is your favorite TV actor, seeing her in a character that’s different from the ones she usually plays might be worth seeing this film just alone. She’s demonstrated her acting chops. She has starring roles on shows like The Mindy Project and The League, and more are in the works. If you are a fan of her films, I have some recommendations for you.


Even if there are a few funny moments, the movie is sometimes too stupid to succeed. Unfortunately, neither the cast nor the film’s students come across as particularly realistic, which undermines their credibility. The film available on pelispedia seems surprisingly tame for a film that tries to be both broad and raunchy at once, with most of the attempts falling flat. It’s hard to suggest because of the script’s flaws, which include weak humor, weak acting, and poor characters.

The Shallows

With the support of a cast full of compelling actors lead by Blake Lively, who effortlessly carries The Shallows, director Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, Non-Stop, and The Commuter) turns his original idea into an action thriller that features both contrived jump scares and real tension.

Shark Tale is a fun summer action film with Lively as the leading lady, despite the fact that its narrative and execution won’t create as big of a splash as Jaws. Her performance, in particular, especially the facial emotions she displayed while grasping a boulder and fending off a shark, are astounding. The ending of The Shallows, which started off as an exciting survival thriller but quickly descended into a ridiculous last struggle and an entirely predictable climax, is the film’s undoing. However, many scenes here are enjoyable examples of the genre they belong to.

The Age of Adaline

Ellis Jones, an eccentric California computer mogul, finds her attractive since being eternal keeps her looking fresh. Unfortunately, she has lost practically all of her friends and relatives to age-related ailments over the years, so she has avoided romantic relationships, despite Ellis’ relentless pursuit of her sentiments during a New Year’s Eve party.

The Age of Adaline is directed by Lee Toland Krieger and written by J. Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz, but it doesn’t always make the most of its interesting ideas. Only Lively and Huisman (who looks like Shia LaBeouf but with better skin) save it from complete boredom; Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford round out its impressive cast and Adaline’s parade of period dresses, coats, and handbags often looks like an overt luxury-goods catalog.

Cafe Society

Jeannie Berlin, as Bobby’s mother, Siobhan Fallonnia, as the gossip writer, and Parker Posey, as Rad Taylor, all provide outstanding performances, making this picture a delight to see. The lovely Veronica, played by Blake Lively, wins Bobby over.

However, the film’s depiction of 1930s Greenwich Village is its weakest point. Josephson did open a club with a diverse staff, including white and black musicians. However, the club’s predominantly white clientele and high prices (dinner for $1.50, beer for 25 cents and 14 shots of whisky for 40 cents) kept people of lower socioeconomic status out. Not Woody Allen’s best film, but a perfect summer movie because of its lighthearted tone and hilarious language that captures the boundless potential of life.

The Rhythm Section

Although The Rhythm Section has a promising start, it quickly sinks into predictable mediocrity. Some parts are enjoyable, such as when Lively hangs from a helicopter with her neck slit during a battle scene, but the movie loses steam when it randomly drops music cues from different genres of pop and rock without establishing a consistent style or tone. In addition, the film’s close-ups and confined camera angles constantly bring up the idea that it might have been better.

This dramatic international thriller written by Reed Morano and directed by Mark Burnell has some excellent battle sequences and stunt work, but it isn’t enough to keep the movie going. As a cold-blooded murderer, Lively gives a strong performance, but she can’t save the film from its relentless tropes and action scenes.