7 Natural Ways To Abort An Unwanted Pregnancy

For women who want to have children, pregnancy is a real blessing. However, it becomes a matter of concern for some of you when it occurs without any plan or you are not physically, mentally, or financially ready for it. If you decide not to carry your unwanted pregnancy or give birth to a child, you look for an abortion clinic in India or your native country to get rid of it.

When you decide to have an abortion, you have two choices: a medical abortion or a surgical abortion (clinical abortion). To terminate an early pregnancy, medical abortion is the first and foremost option you should opt for. You must purchase and use an MTP kit in accordance with your doctor’s prescription and instructions within 24 hours at home. You must stay at a clinic or hospital if you want a clinical or surgical abortion.

There are other methods of natural abortion besides the two mentioned above. Women especially enjoy having natural abortions in large numbers of couples. Prior to using any remedies to end your pregnancy, you should speak with your doctor. For your information, listed below are a few of them:.

1. Papaya

This fruit is well known for its nutritional value and is abundant in vitamin A, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Usually, older females and medical experts ask pregnant women to avoid eating ripe or unripe papaya. When you want to end an unwanted pregnancy, you can eat it.

Due to high levels of oxytocin and prostaglandin, papaya trigger labour contractions. Additionally, the presence of papain enzymes causes a decrease in progesterone production while an increase in oestrogen production. The process of getting pregnant is hampered by low progesterone levels. Either ripe or unripe papaya can be eaten to end a pregnancy. .

2. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are a great source of protein, calcium, iron, amino acids, and a number of vitamins. After soaking these seeds in water for a few days, you can naturally induce labour by eating them in the morning. For desired results, consume a handful of sesame seeds each day.

3. Pineapple

Consuming this fruit, which is extremely high in vitamin C, can help you end a pregnancy naturally. You should consume green, unripe pineapples in the early stages of your pregnancy to achieve the desired outcome. Consuming a significant amount causes your cervix to soften and bleed, which naturally induces an abortion.

4. Banana leaves and acacia pods

Take equal amounts of acacia seeds and banana leaf shoots. To make powder, dry and grind the materials. To end your unwanted pregnancy, mix a teaspoon of this powder with hot water and sugar.

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5. Cinnamon

It is one of highly popular and loved spices. Your uterus may contract and bleed if you consume it in the early stages of pregnancy. Abortion is the result. It can be taken as a supplement or as a powder mixed with water.

6. Frequent sexual intercourses

When you are first pregnant, frequent orgasms and physical intimacy can cause you to miscarry. You need to have several sex sessions each day in order to end your unwanted pregnancy.

7. Other treatments

You can also try acupuncture, massage, hot showers, and intense exercise in the first few days of pregnancy if you want to have a natural abortion.

Last word

If you become pregnant unexpectedly or unintentionally, the suggestions above can assist you in having a natural abortion. These theories lack scientific support. So, you should consult a gynaecologist/respective health specialist before using any method to terminate your pregnancy.