Mini Projectors

A Guide to Mini Projector Models and Brands

Mini projectors are small and handy-built models of projectors.  Portability, cheaper, WiFi connection facility revolutionizing the way we share presentations, watch movies, and enjoy content on the go. Watching football & cricket matches or other sports live matches became easier with mini projectors. Xiaomi & Formovie both brand is known and producing some good small projectors that are friendly and well-performing in-house. We’ll review the features of a few popular projector models from these two brands in this post. If anyone needs a small projector may find this article to be a useful resource and reference, let’s go…

Xiaomi Projectors​

1. Xiaomi WANBO TT:

Compact Marvel: The Xiaomi WANBO TT is a compact and portable projector designed for on-the-go entertainment. The Wanbo TT projector is now available in the global market. The projector has a maximum brightness of 650 ANSI lumens and is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. The Wanbo TT projector outputs a 1080p LCD and can throw images up to 120 inches wide from 3.3 meters.

2. Xiaomi Mi Wanbo T2 Max:

Immersive Visuals: The Mi Wanbo T2 Max from Xiaomi takes visual experiences to new heights with its high resolution and vivid color reproduction. Xiaomi Wanbo T2M has keystone correction to adapt the image to the projection surface. Who like to watch movies at home and want to do it in the comfort of their living rooms, the T2 Max is a great option.

3. Xiaomi Wanbo X1:

Smart and Stylish: The Xiaomi Wanbo X1 combines intelligence with style. Going into detail, this is a projector with native 720p resolution, but it can project in 1080p @ 60Hz (with upscaling) when connected to a device that supports higher resolution. Its brightness is up for debate, some sources list it as 500 ANSI lumens, but the truth is that it is 300 ANSI lumens. Also, you can project a 40 to 120-inch image with reasonable quality.

4. Xiaomi Wanbo T4:

Versatile Entertainment Hub: With the Wanbo T4, Xiaomi offers a versatile entertainment hub. Full HD 1080p Native & 4K Support | Max Screen Size 635 cm (250 inches) | 2000:1 Contrast Ratio | 450 ANSI on Screen Brightness | LTPS Display Technology | High Transmission Glass Lens | Lamp Life” – 20000+ Hours.

5. Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max:

Cinematic Brilliance: For those seeking a cinematic experience at home, the Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max is a standout choice. Native 1080P, 550ANSI, HDR10, UHD support 4K Projector: WANBO T6 max 4K Projector is the brightest 550 ANSI projector with detailed 1080P (1920*1080) images.

6. Xiaomi Mi 2 Pro:

Premium Performance: The Xiaomi Mi 2 Pro combines elegance with premium performance. This projector model has a brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens, 4K resolution, and smart connectivity options. Whether you are conducting business presentations or enjoying high-definition content at home, the Mi 2 Pro delivers a top-tier visual experience. The Mi Pro 2 builds on the successful M365 formula, which in turn has been recently replaced by the upgraded 1S. Here, customers are treated to the longest range (a claimed 28 miles) and the most powerful motor technology, which is capable of increasing its output to 600W under heavy loads. 

7. Xiaomi Mijia 2 Pro:

Innovative Features: The Mijia 2 Pro from Xiaomi stands out with its innovative features, including AI voice control and automatic focus adjustment. 1080p FHD resolution1300 ANSI Lumens, a large screen, up to 200 inches*TOF + camera dual focus mode & much more!

Formovie Projectors:

8. Formovie Fengmi DICE:

Compact Brilliance: The Formovie Fengmi DICE is a compact and stylish projector that packs a punch. The Formovie Dice is a portable LED DLP projector, but not necessarily in the form factor one would expect. Usually, portable projectors tend to be much more “pocketable”, whereas units with the general dimensions of the Dice tend to suggest stationary operation.

  • Dimensions: 155x125x60mm, 2.2kg.
  • Optical parameters: TI DLP LCD projector; 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) optical resolution; 16:9 aspect ratio; 8-bit.
  • Projection parameters: 700 ANSI lumens (advertised); 40~200-inch screen diagonal; 1.2:1 throw ratio; 4-Channel RGB LED; 25,000 hours LED light source life.
  • Optical adjustment: Automatic keystone correction; automatic focus.
  • Audio: 2x5W speakers; Dolby + DTS certified; Dolby Audio, DTS-HD codec support.
  • I/O: 1xUSB Type-A port for data transfer or ethernet; 1xHDMI 1.4 ports; 1x headphone 3.5mm port.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 (ac); Bluetooth 4.0; IR remote control.
  • Other features: Remote control in the box; HDR10; Android TV 9.0 with Google Assistant and Google Chromecast support; 16GB internal storage; 16,000 mAh battery.

9. Formovie Fengmi R1:

Cinematic Excellence: Formovie Fengmi R1 takes the cinematic experience to the next level with its 4K resolution, HDR support, and advanced color technology. Formovie Fengmi R1 was released with 1080P Full HD, 1600 ANSI Lumens, and Ultra Short Throw.

Both Xiaomi & Formovie are producing some awesome devices in such a small size. They are very price convenient as well. You can choose any of the above models which fill your particular needs. You can read another article to understand projector technology which will help you to know more about projectors.