Alexa not connecting to Amazon Music

How To Fix Alexa Won’t Connect to Amazon Music

Alexa can be used to stream music from Amazon Music. It can also be used to search for songs, create and manage playlists, and control the playback. Additionally, Alexa can be used to access radio stations and podcasts. Alexa also allows users to customize their settings and preferences for their listening experience. Users can create their voice profile and Amazon Music will remember their preferences and play music accordingly. Sometimes there is the issue of Alexa won’t connect to Amazon Music for various reasons.

It can also be used to control audio playback on other compatible devices. This makes it easier for users to find the music they want to listen to quickly, as well as to control the sound level and customize their listening experience. Additionally, Alexa can be used to access a wide range of audio content, from radio stations and podcasts to streaming music services, giving users a more complete audio experience.

When Alexa won’t play music there is a need to try resetting the device by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, check the settings in the Alexa app to make sure you’re logged in and have the correct account information. You can also use the different methods to fix the error.

Reasons for Alexa Won’t Connect to Amazon Music

It is also crucial for users to know the causes of Alexa won’t connect to Amazon Music. It helps you to fix the problem quickly. Let’s check its reasons :

Connection Issues

It is most common for Alexa to display the Can’t Reach Amazon Music error when the internet speed is slow. A weak Wi-Fi signal will cause your speaker to stop playing music after two or three songs. To fix this issue, try rebooting your router and check for any updates on the Amazon Music app. You can also try moving the speaker closer to the router and make sure that it is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

Inactive Subscription

Sometimes your subscription is complete, so you are facing the issue of Alexa won’t play music. In this situation, you should first check the Alexa app to make sure that the music service is still active. If it is, then you may need to restart your Alexa device or reset the Wi-Fi connection.

Streaming Limit Reached

Multiple devices cannot play Amazon music simultaneously. According to the company’s policy, each account can only have one user.

Explicit Filter

When the Explicit option is enabled, you cannot play songs. This feature automatically blocked those songs. With this feature, you have more control over what your children are listening to. Additionally, you can easily turn the Explicit option off to allow access to those songs.

Wrong Settings Of Echo

Setting the right time zone, location, and language in the Alexa app is necessary for music to play. For the issue to not occur again, it is necessary to review and change the settings. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure your Alexa device is connected to a compatible music streaming service. Once all settings are correct, you can ask Alexa to play music, and it will respond accordingly.

It becomes easier for you to solve the Alexa won’t connect to Amazon Music. It is also vital to complete the Alexa setup so you can easily listen to your favorite music.

Method To Fix Alexa Won’t Connect to Amazon Music

Users need to fix Alexa won’t play music quickly. There is a need to use effective methods to solve the issue.

Check Your Amazon Subscription

It is not possible to use Amazon Music without an active subscription. It also doesn’t work if you have multiple accounts connected. Therefore, check whether your subscription needs to be renewed or if you need to change accounts. You can check out these steps and check your Amazon subscription.

  • Go to the Settings page of your Amazon Account.
  • Here you tap on managing prime membership.
  • You can review your membership information, including start and end dates.
  • Payment History will show a not if the account is inactive.
  • You will receive instructions from Amazon on how to reactivate your account.
  • After this, you can get Amazon subscriptions and check whether the issue of Alexa won’t connect to Amazon Music.

Check Your Active Device Streaming Limit

  • It is not possible to use Prime Music on more than one device. Streaming music on other devices using the same account will be impossible if you are already playing a song via the Alexa app. You can follow the below steps to check your account details.
  • Activate Registered Devices by going to Settings.
  • In the Amazon account section, you’ll see the devices that are linked to it.
  • In case they need to be unregistered, you can do so.
  • It is important to check whether the issue is solved or not.

Set Amazon Music As Your Default Music Service

  • It is also necessary to set your Amazon music as a default music station. There is a need to follow the below steps.
  • You can access your Alexa app’s settings by going to the app’s menu.
  • Select Music.
  • Here you can click on Default Services.
  • Now you can select Amazon Music as your default music library.
  • It can also be set as your default station.
  • There is also an option for you to give the full command by saying, “Alexa, play on Amazon Music.”

Register Your Echo on the Alexa App

  • It is also vital for users to register their Echo on the Alexa app. Your device may need to be removed from the Alexa app if none of these steps resolve your issue. You will be able to reconnect your device later after this is done, as Alexa will ‘forget’ your device.
  • It is vital to open the Alexa app.
  • You can select “Devices” from the bottom menu.
  • Here you can tap on Echo & Alexa.
  • You will need to locate the device you wish to unlink.
  • Now you can choose the “Deregister” option.
  • By clicking on Add Device and selecting the device type, you will have to set up your device with your Alexa app again. It is imperative to check whether Alexa won’t play music is fixed or not.

Wrapping Up

It is also important to solve the issue of Alexa won’t connect to Amazon Music. There is also a need to check your subscription so you can quickly. You can use the above technology methods to fix the problem.