Alibaba Dhaka Office Agent

Alibaba Dhaka Office Agent

We are in a digital and technological era. Our daily lives have seen several transformations. The development of information technology handles this. It has given our lives extra energy. Individuals’ lives are greatly affected by technological advances. Technology is the basis of everything. such as employment, schooling, eating, and purchasing and selling any goods. We had to visit the shop just a day ago to buy any goods.

But, thanks to e-commerce, we can now easily buy at low prices. We can do so from the comfort of our homes. Alibaba is a well-known e-commerce site among them. Around the globe, Alibaba is a popular platform. This business can provide goods to any part of the globe. Ever since it opened up, it has satisfied the demands of every nation’s alibaba dhaka office.

Alibaba Office in Dhaka

Alibaba does not have an official office in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Yet, it can be important because of Alibaba’s online marketplace and buyer-seller network. You may go to Then, you can contact the Bangladeshi suppliers listed there. Or, you can find agents and advisors in Dhaka. They help companies connect with suppliers on They will help you buy the goods you want. These include jewellery, clothes, makeup, and gadgets. As of now, there is no Alibaba office in Dhaka.

Alibaba Com. Dhaka office address

Bangladesh’s Dhaka is the location of no physical office for Alibaba. They have a big online presence nationwide. But they don’t have a physical location. But suppliers and agency firms for Alibaba are in Dhaka. It functions as an Alibaba Bangladesh office but not an Alibaba Dhaka office. However, they aren’t helping with importing. only facilitates export-related activities. To export on the website, you must create an account. Furthermore, company verification is necessary.

Below, we show the websites, contact details, and addresses of Alibaba’s Bangladeshi agencies.

WebsitesContact no./emailAddress 1883-0373373 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209[email protected]Motijheel C/A, Dhaka_1000 29836682House: 109, Masjid Road, Banani DOHS (Old), Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

Alibaba Dhaka office address

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is often known as Alibaba (Chinese: 阿里巴巴). It is a global tech firm based in China. It focuses on tech, retail, e-commerce product review, and the Internet. Alibaba’s founder and chief executive officer, Jack Ma. Alibaba provides all aspects of goods. These are now bought and sold in many countries. But Alibaba has an online marketplace and a network of buyers and sellers. This lets it have a big presence there. What you may be searching for is as follows:


You can connect with Bangladeshi suppliers on the platform. Just visit the website. Many suppliers will put their office locations and phone numbers on the internet.

2. Bangladesh Exchange Agents

Bangladesh Exchange Agents are in Dhaka. They help businesses contact suppliers on and do other parts of global trade.

3. Alibaba Services

Alibaba Services doesn’t have a physical location. It provides many services, including quality control, payment options, and shipping. People in Dhaka probably access them online or through partners.

4. Dhaka Suppliers on Alibaba

Suppliers in Dhaka list their goods and services on To locate Bangladeshi suppliers, you may browse by category or do a product search.

The Alibaba Dhaka office does not exist in Bangladesh. So, you must buy from through agents or suppliers in Bangladesh.

Alibaba Bangladesh Office Address

One of the biggest online business-to-business platforms in the world is It’s a wholesale community. There, you can get goods at low prices in large amounts. Bangladesh is a major shipper of Alibaba items. In case you’re still confused about where to buy Alibaba goods,

Buy them online from Bangladesh agents or suppliers. They offer a vast array of Alibaba items at big discounts. Alibaba and its partners in Bangladesh mostly talk online. They use the platform’s messaging service and other digital channels. It’s easy to reach out to individuals and have discussions when you don’t have a physical location. Many representatives are at the Alibaba Dhaka office. You may buy the goods you want from them.

Alibaba Dhaka office location

There have been no recent news articles or formal announcements. They were about the launch of an Alibaba office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alibaba is important in the country. It does not have a physical office now. But it has a supplier network and an online platform. Reports from organisations like Forrester or McKinsey & Company focus on Alibaba’s expansion strategy. They also don’t mention a Dhaka office.

Can anyone buy from Alibaba directly from Bangladesh?

Sure, everyone can make purchases on Alibaba. Alibaba allows you to buy things straight from manufacturers. This is true whether you’re a consumer or a company importing from China. In simple terms, the website is an online directory. It lets users contact and buy products directly from producers. In Bangladesh, obtaining Alibaba goods requires going through an agency. To make a purchase, take the following actions:

1. Create an account.

Before you can start, you must register for an account on

2. Choose the things you want:

Look through the products and pick the ones you want.

3. Communicate with suppliers:

The platform lets you talk to suppliers directly. This is when you’ve found a product. The supplier’s page often has their office address and phone number.

4. Place orders.

You may deal with the chosen provider to arrange orders. You can discuss delivery and bargain over rates.

Consumers may buy directly from Alibaba’s website. They interact with several vendors and have many delivery choices. Remember to read the terms and conditions from each seller. Do this before completing a transaction. Before buying on Alibaba, use secure payment methods. Also, verify suppliers and do thorough research.


Is Alibaba available in Bangladesh?

Yes, Bangladesh has complete access to Alibaba! The company does not have a physical location in Dhaka. But Bangladeshi companies and people can easily use their internet platforms and services.

Does Alibaba deliver to Bangladesh?

Yes, many Alibaba buyers ship to Bangladesh. But this depends on the seller, the shipping method, the item type, and the deal terms. You can use Alibaba’s “Ready to Ship” filter. Or, you can use the seller’s listing or talk to them.

Where is Alibaba’s head office?

Alibaba’s primary operating headquarters are in Hangzhou, China. For legal and financial purposes, they also have an office in the Cayman Islands. You have to register.


In conclusion, Bangladesh lacks an Alibaba Dhaka office. But Alibaba is still among the world’s strongest due to its online marketplace. Even if Alibaba has no store in Dhaka, people and businesses in Bangladesh can still buy from its website. Local companies and suppliers support this process. makes it simple to communicate with Bangladeshi suppliers and complete transactions.

Alibaba has influenced customer habits worldwide. This is true even though the company is not physically in Dhaka. Bangladeshis may still access Alibaba and buy a variety of things even in the absence of an office. Technology allows us to shop from anywhere. We can do this without leaving our homes.

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