Best Planner Apps

Best Planner Apps for iPad And iPhone 

If you are looking to organize your tasks at home or at work or at school with the help of your ipad or your iphone then this is the perfect blog for you to know about the best planner app for ipad or your iphone. 

A planner is important for planning about your work and sorting it out, and when you have things not planned out then you might end up procrastinating so for this you must need proper planning. 

So, in this blog we will be looking at some best planner apps for ipad and for your iphone as well which you can use to plan your day so without wasting your time let us begin with getting to know about the  best planner applications. 

Best Planner Applications for You to Try on your iPhone and your iPad – 

1. Todoist application 

It is an elegant, sleek as well as an intuitive task planning application which you can use for planning your professional as well as your personal task. You will get to add quick notes using this applicant and it will also let you know about the due dates. 

You will get extended functions such as your widgets, extensions as well as your desktop applications, along with which there are free project templates in the application. 

2. Structured planner

It is another best planner app for iPad which you could use for planning your daily tasks efficiently and not only this but you will get an inbox using which you can store tasks which you are planning to start later on. 

There are around 550+ icons which can be used by you to customize your tasks and the iCloud will also help you in syncing all the tasks which are there in all the Apple devices. 

3. My homework 

If you are a student then this planner app for iphone is the best one for you which will help you in planning your homework and your work from my homework account. 

The cool features which you will get in this application are the features of tracking assignments, your tests and your classes, along with a sleek calendar. 

This application will also come with block, time as well as period based schedules which will be helpful for you in all ways. 

4. Notability 

Notability is an application which you can install on your iphone device which will have recognition of my script handwriting as well as math conversion. 

You will also be allowed to mark up the important and necessary content resources for you which includes ebooks also with an apple pencil which is compatible with your device as well as with your application. 

Other good applications which you can use are good note 5, iStudiez, tick tick, ever note, etc. 

We believe that the applications which we have provided for you in this blog have been helpful for you however, to find out the names of some more applications which can help you in planning your tasks and other things then try Techzeel website.

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