Critical Thinking in Essay Writing: Enhancing Analytical Skills

Students have been suffering for decades with a syndrome called ‘poor writing skills.’ But no messiah has been successful in evaluating the cause yet. But today, we are here to discuss your lifelong problem and bring you its solution.  Writing skills play a crucial role in strengthening your analytical abilities and problem-solving skills. Becoming a good academic writer asks for more than just scribbling information or word vomiting on paper.

Technology has evolved faster than ever in the past few decades. Things are changing. People and their ways are changing. This modern world was designed with a mission to ease the hardships of humanity and make daily tasks simple. The student category has enjoyed the fruit of tech the most in past years. You can produce thousands of essays in minutes through AI today. But no machine or AI has the ability to produce Critical thinking in essay writing. This one ability is a learned skill and a gift to humanity. Critical thinking requires evaluation, problem-solving, and making a decision. These skills sum up to produce an excellently written essay.  

By mastering these skills, you can enhance the quality and impact of your essays while changing the way you think of the world. Here are 8 ways you can improve your analytical skills by working on critical thinking in essay writing and procuring good essays:

8 Ways Essay Writing Improves Critical Thinking Skills:


One of the major steps in essay writing is running a thorough fact check on all the information you are going to base your essay on. Students are required to evaluate the credibility of the source information they are using. You have to cite the source, give proper references, and answer how you obtained it. You also have to explain the said piece of information’s purpose and justify that it shows no biases. Writing a capstone project requires an immense amount of fact-checking and doesn’t have any capacity for errors. Search for write my capstone project to meet with hundreds of excellent essay writing service providers for an error-free project. Answering all these questions will automatically raise more questions in your mind and push you toward finding more answers. This process results in acquiring knowledge which is the ultimate goal.

Learning the Difference:

Learn the difference between the ways you are presenting and justifying your argument. There are two ways to present your data. Through facts and opinions. Remember, you can justify facts through various sources of information because it would be a universal truth. But you cannot back your opinion with anything. Opinions are self-made and based on personal experiences, cultural influences, and emotions which differ from person to person. Opinions cannot be universal hence, unjustifiable.

Absorb the Information:

You are not only writing but through essay writing, you are allowing the information to sink in deep inside you. The information you just acquired can make you think in ways you may have never imagined before. It could give you shock, confusion disheartening, or happiness. It can make you ask questions or it can make you question the universe. And of course, there will be a reaction too. How you react and what you are going to do with that information matters. This will depend solely on how your mind adapts or angles the acquired information.

Making Decisions:

At this stage of writing, you may have reached some kind of decision or maybe you are trying to. Decision-making requires to have excellent critical thinking skills. It is the art of choosing the most optimum and rational choice among the many alternative decisions. Essay writing requires students to reach a solid conclusion while writing through their arguments by choosing the best ways.

Presentation of Information:

Apply your mind to thinking of better ways to present your argument. Essay writing requires students to present information in an organized manner. There are various ways to present your information. Some present their statistics through charts, tables graphs, etc.  This allows the information to be presented in a concise manner making it easy to understand for the reader. If you find dealing with tons of numbers difficult while essay writing you can land help from any good service providers over the internet by simply entering the prompt do my essay on Google. Allow your inner critical thinker to understand why it is presented like this. What is the benefit of it? In how many possible ways you can present it?


Every writer encounters problems, and the key to success is having techniques to overcome those problems. A useful technique for students is to break down their problems into smaller parts. Writing an essay becomes easier to manage when it breaks down into parts such as the title, introduction, body, and ending paragraph.

This technique is an example of good problem-solving skills. Following this technique often by writing essays regularly improves your problem-solving skills ultimately making you a critical thinker.

Positive Criticism:

Before students reach any conclusions, they are encouraged to receive positive criticism or feedback on their work. They must let other experts and individuals with different mindsets evaluate and challenge their arguments. Does the other party find your argument satisfactory in comparison with the evidence provided? Let the other party find flaws in your work. Positive criticism will allow you to think of ways to make improvements rather than living within a false perception of perfection.

Presenting arguments:

Making a solid and fact-based argument is not enough unless you learn how to present it. No matter how good your thoughts are, it’s useless unless you know how to communicate them effectively. Learning clear communication of your thoughts and ideas is an essential step as a critical thinker. Your writing should be clear, free-flowing, and polished without any errors. There are various tools online like Grammarly, or ChatGPT which can help you effectively write your essay.


For thinking critically, you need to adopt some new habits and patterns like being flexible about your opinions, respecting others’ points of view, adopting independent thinking leaving behind the sheep lifestyle, blindly following any information without any evidence and most importantly, constantly questioning. Try to embrace these habits in your daily and professional life.

Critical thinking and analytical skills elevate your writing style and enhance the quality of your essays. By following the above-mentioned lifestyle and practicing essay writing regularly, you can easily evolve into a respectful individual of society.