Best Computer Wholesaler in BD

CSI- Best Computer Wholesaler in BD

Leading computer supplier Computer Solutions Inc (CSI) has been in business in Bangladesh since 1999. The company sells a variety of computer peripherals, software, desktops, laptops, and other things. Due to its reasonable rates, premium goods, and top-notch customer support, CSI has established itself as a household name in Bangladesh. Let’s discuss the factors that make CSI the Best computer wholesaler in BD.

Ranges of products in CSI

Computer Solutions Inc (CSI) in Bangladesh is a leading computer wholesaler in Bangladesh that offers a broad selection of computer parts to satisfy the requirements of its varied clientele. CSI has you covered whether you’re upgrading an old system or creating a computer from scratch.

Here are some of the computer parts that CSI offered:


Central Processing Units (CPUs) from a variety of reliable brands are available from CSI. They have CPUs for every kind of system, from entry-level desktops to powerful gaming rigs. They also offer CPUs for workstations and servers, enabling companies to increase their computing capability.


A computer system’s motherboard serves as its structural foundation, and CSI offers a range of motherboards to suit its client’s requirements. They provide motherboards from well-known manufacturers, assuring that buyers get high-quality goods. CSI provides everything you need to build anything from a simple office system to a powerful gaming setup.

Any computer system must have Random Access Memory (RAM), and CSI offers a variety of RAM modules to suit its customers’ requirements. Whether you require inexpensive DDR3 RAM or powerful DDR4 RAM, CSI has you covered.

Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives

To fulfill its clients’ storage needs, CSI offers a range of Hard Drives (HDDs) and Solid-State Drives (SSDs). CSI has you covered whether you require a basic 1TB HDD or a high-performance 2TB SSD.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies (PSUs) are a crucial part of every computer system, and CSI offers a selection of PSUs to suit its client’s requirements. CSI has you covered whether you require a basic 500W PSU or a high-efficiency 1000W PSU.

Graphics Cards

CSI offers a choice of graphics cards to satisfy the demands of its clients. Graphics Cards are crucial for gaming and high-performance computing. They provide graphics cards from trusted manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA, guaranteeing that clients will receive high-quality goods. CSI has you covered whether you require a basic entry-level graphics card or a high-performance gaming graphics card.

Why CSI is the best computer wholesaler in BD

Quality products

The quality of CSI’s goods is among the main factors that make it the finest computer wholesaler in Bangladesh. The business only offers goods from well-known manufacturers, like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and others. All of CSI’s goods are covered by warranties and are guaranteed to fulfill international quality standards. Customers can therefore have confidence in the goods they buy from CSI since they know they are obtaining high-quality goods.

Affordable prices

The reasonable prices of CSI’s products are another factor making it the greatest computer wholesaler in Bangladesh. CSI has some of the most affordable rates on the market, making it available to clients from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Customers can save even more money on their purchases thanks to CSI’s year-round special offers and discounts. This is crucial in Bangladesh in particular because there are many price-sensitive citizens there.

Wide range of products

Computer accessories, software, printers, scanners, desktops, laptops, and more are all available from CSI. Customers can now find all they require for their computing needs in one location. Customers have access to the most recent technology because of CSI’s availability of the newest computer models and accessories. This is crucial in an industry that is rapidly expanding, like computing, where out-of-date technology might vanish overnight.

Excellent Customer Service

The dedication of CSI to providing top-notch customer service is just another factor making it the best computer wholesaler in Bangladesh. Customers may contact the company’s staff of highly qualified customer care representatives at any time with questions or complaints. Customers can easily contact CSI because the organization offers a customer care hotline that is open round-the-clock. Customers can bring their products to CSI’s service center for maintenance or repairs.

Online presence

Another factor that makes CSI the greatest computer supplier in Bangladesh is its substantial web presence. Customers can browse and buy items on the business’s user-friendly website. Customers may shop with ease thanks to the secure and user-friendly nature of the CSI website. Along with having active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, CSI also has a significant social media presence. This makes it simple for clients to stay informed about the newest goods, offers, and promotions.


In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why Computer Solutions Inc (CSI) is the top computer wholesaler in Bangladesh. The company has a large selection of goods available, all of which are of high quality and come from well-known companies.

To satisfy the requirements of its varied customer base, CSI offers a broad selection of computer components. CSI has you covered whether you’re upgrading an old system or constructing a computer from scratch. They make sure that clients acquire dependable and long-lasting components by offering high-quality products from respected manufacturers. CSI is the best option if you’re seeking computer parts in Bangladesh. Customers enjoy a hassle-free purchasing experience thanks to CSI’s dedication to providing exceptional customer care and a robust online presence. CSI is dedicated to having a beneficial impact on society and the environment, as seen by its focus on corporate social responsibility. All things considered, CSI is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to buy computer items in Bangladesh.

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