Tips To Design First-Rate Custom Cone Sleeves

Ice cream is a favorite dessert and it is cherished on every occasion. People love eating ice cream as it rapidly lights the mood. To maintain the quality and texture of ice cream companies use custom cone sleeves. 

People love creamy, rich, and smooth ice cream presented in fresh waffles. To keep the crispiness and freshness of the waffles intact waffle cone sleeves are used. Otherwise, the waffle may crack or become soggy by absorbing moisture. 

Cone sleeves give a professional look to the ice creams. You can print attractive images with noticeable hues on the sleeves to make them engaging. Besides this, you can use them for branding purposes by highlighting your brand identity. 

What Are Custom Cone Sleeves? 

We all know that cone ice creams are presented in waffle cones. These waffle cones need protection from humidity, external pressure, and from germs. To avoid these risks, cone sleeves are used. 

In simple words, an ice cream cone sleeve is a cone shape packaging for the safety of cones. It is useful packaging because it preserves the taste and texture of cones. Moreover, ice cream handling becomes easy due to them. 

To avoid mess and soggy waffles, cone sleeves are mandatory. Besides safety purposes, cone sleeves can be used to market your brand and increase the visibility of your product in the market.  

Tips To Design Top-Quality Cone Sleeves

The market is swapped with the packaging industries. You can find multiple companies that will claim the production of high-quality and unique – custom cone sleeves. However, very few of them will help in the designing of innovative and unconventional waffle sleeves. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the useful points to design a unique and enticing waffle cone sleeve. 

Use Quality Material

Quality of material is very important in packaging. No matter how much packaging is attractive and pleasant looking, if it fails to secure the product, it is useless. The designs and colors are required for beauty but protection can be attained only via high-quality material. 

Paper and metal both are used in the manufacturing of cone sleeves. However, the paper material is cheap and reduces the overall packaging cost. Paper is easy to print, so packaging becomes easy. 

Use Quality Templates 

Get help from the internet to know what other manufacturers are doing. It will help you to identify the market trends and how you can introduce innovation in the designs of ice cream cone sleeves. 

Do not waste your time and resources on traditional packaging. Also, avoid using overly complicated templates. Keep the cone sleeves design simple but elegant. The templates should resonate with the standards and goals of your brand. 

Find Appropriate Size 

The design and quality of packaging fail if the size of the packaging is not appropriate. Befitting packaging is essential to guard the product and to keep the ice cream waffles fresh. Customization of cone sleeves is necessary to get a perfect packaging size. 

Do Not Forget To Print The Logo 

You put so much effort and resources into the design of cone sleeves. It is important for you to get the most benefits out of it. For instance, you can print your logo on the sleeves for marketing purposes. 

This step will help you to make easy recognition among the buyers. By printing a logo, you can reduce the marketing cost. Wholesale custom boxes will also reduce the cost of packaging. 

Stay Relevant To Your Product

Relevance means you should use the original images of your product on the packaging. If you use templates and images from the internet, there are chances that other brands may have done the same. It will become difficult for the customers to recognize your product. 

Use A Consistent Pattern 

Use the same colors and images in all places. This means that the images and colors used for packaging the cone sleeves should be the same that you use on your company’s website and social media platform. It will rapidly increase the visibility of your product in the market. 


Custom cone sleeves are a perfect choice for the presentation and protection of ice creams. They are useful for consumers because cone sleeves make ice cream handling easy. 

From the manufacturing point of view, cone sleeves help in product protection, easy branding, and appeal to the customers.