graduation bouquet kl

graduation bouquet kl

Do You Give Flowers at Graduation? A Guide

Sometimes most people are very confused about what to give in graduation day to their favourite one. Don’t get confused. If the graduation party is in Kuala Lumpur, then taking some flowers from the flower shop Kuala Lumpur can be a great option.

Flower is one of the most attractive and as well as beautiful creations of nature. Many types of flowers are there in the market. it’s often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ‘. Confusion comes when it’s time to select the best one for our purpose. Want to know more about it? Please continue reading.

8 factors to consider before choosing a graduation bouquet KL

Flowers can be a great option to give for any kind of occasion. For this reason, businesses like flower shops have increased day by day. Most people like to give a bouquet to their favorite one on graduation day. Some considerable facts will help choose a graduation bouquet KL.

Try to give some symbolic messages  

Be specific about the messages that you want to give to your beloved ones by choosing a perfect bouquet. Every flower has a specific significance which is helpful to make the gift more attractive. Choose according to the significance. Roses can be a great option to choose if it’s a graduation party. Red roses carry the symbol of love. Want to express love? Go for it. Don’t be late to express your emotions.

Set the budget

Set the budget first before choosing a graduation bouquet KL. The selection of the flowers in the bouquet will be according to the budget. There are some very costly flowers. Try to avoid those flowers if the budget is low. Discuss the budget with the person who will make the bouquet. It will be helpful for him to make the bouquet perfectly without a high cost.

Select some beautiful colors

Trying to give a unique look to the bouquet by choosing some beautiful colors of the flower? Nothing to worry about. We are here to provide some information about it. Most of the time people get attracted by a beautiful color. Pick some flowers with a color which one is your favorite of that person. It will make that person immediately happy. It’s the right time. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your beloved ones happy. 


Try to take the bouquet from a local flower shop. Most of the working people are very busy due to the hectic schedule of work. They can’t stand continuously during the making time of the bouquet. So, if the shop is local then it’s quite possible to give an instruction about the making of a bouquet over the phone and then collect it from the shop. 

Arrange the flowers properly

Customize the bouquet properly by arranging the flowers in it. Generally, the costly flowers give a beautiful look to the bouquet. But sometimes it is not possible to use the costly one due to the low budget. A good arrangement of flowers can change the look of the bouquet without using any costly flowers.Discuss the arrangement of the flowers with a florist. That person may help you with some new suggestions.

Know about the theme

Choose a graduation bouquet KL after knowing the theme of the ceremony. It looks better if the color of the bouquet matches the color of the ceremony. Generally, most of the time the color of the graduation ceremony is either blue or white. If it’s blue then select some blue roses which will make the bouquet appropriate for the occasion. A discussion with an experienced florist will help make a perfect bouquet.

Add something from your creativity

Thinking continuously about the possible ways to give a perfect look to the bouquet. Creativity takes a vital role here. Add a card with some beautiful drawings within the bouquet which will be very eye-catching and as well as attractive also. Otherwise using a gift card can make the graduate happy. Leave a hope message and a quote in the card which will be appropriate for a graduate. 

Select school colors

School is the place where a graduate has spent most of the time. They have many memories there. It will be very surprising if the color of the flowers matches the school uniform. Discuss with the florist about this matter and tell him to select the flowers according to the color of the school uniform. An experienced florist will be able to do this. 


Graduation day is the most cheerful day for a graduate. The day remains incomplete without flowers. Want to congratulate your beloved ones by giving them a bouquet? It’s a great idea. Don’t be late to give it. Life is too much unpredictable. So, express your feelings immediately with a beautiful bouquet.