Split PST File

Effective and Secure Way to Split Outlook PST Files

If users facing data corruption with their Outlook PST files, they are suggested to split Outlook PST files quickly. Several users keep on storing large amounts of data in Outlook and fail to recognise the size of the file. Conversely, this has turn out to be very common these days, and users want to get rid of large-sized PST files. Therefore, everyone is suggested to keep the file or data safe and secure by splitting their large-size PST file into small. 

Furthermore, the task is a bit challenging for the users, but with a trustworthy solution, it can be done smoothly. Therefore, one must look for a way that will successfully split large size PST files. That too without affecting the data or losing the data. In this blog, we will share everything about the process. We will share its benefits and the tool that will help the users to begin the task. Therefore, go through the entire blog and get all the related information.

What are the advantages of splitting PST FILES?

When the Outlook PST files become too large, it becomes difficult for the users to manage them. Now, for that reason users wish to split their PST file with this, their data will not be affected. These oversized PST files are prone to corruption, so users are asked to keep all the data in check. Most of the users are well aware of the procedure. Thus some of the new users are not very well aware of it. Here, we are sharing some advantages of splitting the Outlook PST files.

  • The oversized PST file can affect the performance of Outlook. Hence, users will face some common issues with Outlook, like slow search results and many more.
  • The smaller the PST file it will become easy to backup and recover the data. This is in case of data loss or any such situation.
  • As users are already aware, large-size PST files are prone to corruption, and it can lead to data loss. Thus splitting the Outlook PST file, users will be able to keep their data safe and secure.
  • The small PST file is easy to share or transfer. As small PST file does not take much time to share the data.
  • These days’ organisations have countless data to store in Outlook, and for that, they want to data in an organised manner. Therefore, they should split their Outlook PST files.

How to split Outlook PST file

Now that users wish for this procedure, this task they are asked to choose their preferred methods for the task. There are two ways to commence the task: the E-Discovery method and the professional third-party tool. However, with the manual method, users will not be able to split multiple PST files in a single go. Sometimes, if the file is too large, it will be difficult for users to split it with a manual method. Moreover, the manual method requires technical experts who are aware of the technicalities of the task.

Due to this reason, users suggest opting for the professional third-party tool to split Outlook PST files. The professional tool will allow users to split multiple PST files in a single go without misplacing any data. It does not require any technical background. Therefore, users with no technical knowledge will be able to split their PST files. In the following paragraph, we will share the picture-perfect utility to commence the task.

Checkout the picture-perfect tool for the task

The users who want to proceed with the splitting process are asked to depend on a reliable tool. Many tools available for users to commence the task, but opting for the correct tool is challenging for the users. Number of free tools available for the procedure, but users have to be very careful. As some of the tools can be harmful. 

Thus, we recommend the Weeom PST Splitter Tool for the task, as it is one of the trusted utilities. It will make sure to proceed with the task and give immediate results quickly. Hence, the software comes with some amazing features, and here we are sharing a few of them.

  • The tool offers four options, i.e. split PST file by folder, date, year and size.
  • There is no size restriction; it can split the large-size PST files.
  • The software offers a strong interface that will make the whole procedure easy-going.
  • Split Outlook PST file is also password protected, which will keep the data safe and secure.
  • This software can effortlessly split Outlook PST files into several PST files.
  • The tool will maintain the folder hierarchy and data reliability.
  • After the process is finished, this tool displays a live report of the entire task.
  • It perfectly works with every version of the Window operating system.


We hope that the content that we have shared will help the users to split Outlook PST files. As we have recommended one of the best tools for the task. Users can rely on this utility; it will guide the users throughout the whole task. The software provides a free trial version of the utility. It will allow users to go through the whole tool in detail, so download it and take advantage of the tool.