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Everything you must be aware of concerning the electrical certificate of Ownership in 2023

Electrical certificate, In the United Kingdom, it is a requirement to have a notary public is essential for any deal in real estate, but especially in the case of the succession of real estate. It is crucial to select your notary with care: in reality in the course of settling an estate, transfer needs to be completed particularly the preparation and signing of the ownership certificate which the notary is a participant, electrical certificate.

What is an ownership certificate?

Certificate of Ownership, sometimes known as the certificate of ownership is the official document that one can prove ownership of real property. House or apartment The certificate of ownership confirms that the property was purchased, gifted or acquired.

The certificate of ownership outlines certain points, like details of property description, owners along with their status as marital, as well as the price, or the entire conditions and terms.

Important to know: a real estate certificate permits the buyer of a property to complete the majority of formalities (subscription to electric, gas, or water service).

A certificate of ownership issued following the purchase:

After a buyer has completed an agreement to sell or sales agreement for the home of which he wants to become the owner of, the next step is signing the deed of sale before the notary office to get the title deed.

In the event of not receiving the ownership certificate, which could take a long time and is designed to prove the ownership of the property owned by an individual the notary is responsible to issue an ownership certificate.

The real estate certificate is issued to the buyer at moment of signing the deed in the presence of the notary responsible for the sale. It is an interim title deed. The title deed is posted later due to the fact that the notary will complete the procedures for that of registering the house by SPF, the service for registration of land. (SPF).

The certificate of ownership issued following an inheritance or a gift:

In the event that of inheritance, or gift, the notary issues an owner of the property a proof of ownership that serves in proving ownership since no sale has been completed.

Certificate of Ownership can be considered a title document from its registration by the Land Registration Service within 6 months following the death of the previous owner.

Who is the person who issues the ownership certificates?

The ownership certificate is obtained at the time of settlement of successions of real estate, such as purchase or inheritance, gift… It is prepared by a notary, who confirms the ownership of a buyer in an apartment, property or house, subject to receiving the deed of title, electrical certificate.

Who will benefit from this certificate?

A certificate of ownership is a legal document issued by the owner who is going to purchase the property. So, the purchaser or the heir to the property can show that he’s the owner as per the requirements of law.

What do you do in the event the certificate of ownership is loss of ownership?

In the event that the proprietor of the property has lost his ownership certificate or his certificate of ownership, he may visit his notary for an original copy since they have an original copy of the document. The cost of this service is typically billed to the person who applied.

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