Empowering NEMT Providers: How Routing Box Boosts Efficiency

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry. It offers real-time pricing capabilities to streamline operations, and NEMT software specialists developed it. Because of its ten-year history and widespread use in 43 states, RoutingBox is well-known. It provides cutting-edge features for improved access to healthcare and community services while addressing real-world challenges. It was created by NEMT experts who also own a transportation company. The software streamlines trip importing supports real-time dispatching, and automates billing processes to assist providers in saving time and money.

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NEMT Features

Regarding its features, the Routing box has a number of outstanding characteristics that make it the best option when comparing NEMT software options.

Nationwide Broker Connectivity

Trips can be automatically retrieved from your broker’s portal thanks to RoutingBox. Drivers can easily complete trips thanks to mobile devices, and once they’re done, trip data is sent back to the broker portal for prompt payment processing. Even if you are not currently affiliated with a broker, RoutingBox can help you connect with over 50 local brokers located all over the United States.

Time management and real-time driver tracking

Real-time GPS tracking makes it simple to track the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles, giving you an idea of how close they are to finishing their current trip. Through the app, drivers can directly clock in and out, which makes managing hourly payments easier.

Electronic signatures and GeoStamps

For brokers who require signatures and trip verification, the driver mobile app has a built-in feature that captures signatures, latitude, longitude, and time stamps for each trip.

Revolutionary Auto Scheduler

Scheduling is revolutionized by the Auto-Scheduler (Quick Assign) feature, which employs the industry’s most cutting-edge routing algorithm. It arranges your schedule to fit as many trips as you can into as few vehicles as you can, maximizing efficiency.

 Driver-Dispatcher Communication with Real-Time Trip Updates

Helping in improving communication between drivers and dispatchers with higher customer and employee satisfaction by getting real-time trip updates. You can avoid misunderstandings and enhance customer service by continuously tracking the progress of the trip.

Weekly and Daily Route Optimization

You can easily adapt to weekly or daily route changes by using the top Route Optimization tool on the market. Witness unrivaled sophistication as you efficiently utilize your fleet, get more done with fewer vehicles and reduce unnecessary unloaded miles.

Visual dispatching and route suggestions

You can control daily adjustments and trip assignments with ease by using the route suggestion and visual dispatching features. To ensure that your passengers reach their destinations quickly and efficiently, find the best driver for each trip.

Notification through SMS

Transporters can send clients timely, convenient trip reminders using the SMS Trip Reminder feature, and there is also an opt-out option for further reminders.

Audit Trail Performance

The audit trail feature in RoutingBox provides total transparency into changes made to trips, accounts, drivers, or passenger records. It is simple to verify who made changes, when they happened, and the specifics of each change.

Helping in Making Sensible Choices

Because RoutingBox offers such a variety of reports, businesses can access crucial information for both immediate and long-term decision-making. Additionally, the software makes it easy to export reports to Excel, facilitating more thorough analysis.

Customize Dispatch Screen’s Interface

RoutingBox lets users personalize their experience by providing options for the dispatch screen. By customizing the amount of information displayed, color schemes, and layout options, users can set up the system to display information in the order that is most important to them.

 RoutingBox Apps

RoutingBox offers four NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) apps, each of which focuses on a different aspect of NEMT services:

Desktop App: Scheduling, billing, and daily tasks can be made easier from your desktop computer thanks to the comprehensive dispatching software program developed by NEMT experts. Visual dispatching, thorough reporting, route optimization, route suggestion, driver tracking, vehicle safety checklist, and vehicle location tracking are some of its features.

Driver App: With the help of this app, drivers on the road can communicate with dispatchers at the corporate office and receive updates in real-time. An audit of the tracker’s prior activities, an interactive driver manifest, real-time trip status and assignment updates, step-by-step instructions, and electronic signature capture are all included.

Passenger App: Passengers receive trip alerts and real-time driver updates to reduce no-shows. One-tap alerts for will-call trips cut inbound calls. Real-time vehicle tracking eliminates wait times. Transparent, flexible booking options enhance rider satisfaction. One-tap pickup requests and trip details simplify the experience. Notifications keep passengers informed.

Booking Portal: The web portal includes features like booking a trip directly without calling, which helps track driver location. It enables real-time updates without calling dispatchers and allows tracking of driver locations and status. You can even brand your company with Customized software. Making your passengers feel at ease and driving customer satisfaction. Supporting search engines are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 


RoutingBox is a game-changer for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers. With its decade-long track record and widespread use in 43 states, it offers a host of features tailored to streamline NEMT operations, boost efficiency, and improve customer service.

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