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Few Parents Only Know About These 5 Alphabet Toys For 3 Years Old

As a parent, we always want to find the best educational toys that make our kids active and smarter, so we have curated a list of 5 alphabet toys for 3 year old that makes your kid smart and active.

Parents are conscious of the toy’s quality, usage, and most important price. There are so many toys available in the market that develops kid’s physical and mental activity and it is confusing for most parents what to buy and what to not.

This article we will help you guys to choose the useful educational alphabet toys available in India.

5 Best fantastic alphabet toys for 3-year-old

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Toys for 3-year-Old

A child can make numbers, alphabets or alpha-numeric shapes out of this wooden alphabet toy that consists of 28 pieces available in 4 different colors and 7 different shapes. 

Benefits: This toy is one of the best alphabet toys that help in developing the imagination and hand-eye coordination of the kid.

Premium Quality: It is made of non-toxic paints and round wooden edges that are safe to play and meets all the child safety standards like ASTM, EN71, CPC.


A smart intelligent books for your kids that will help the to learn about alphabets, number, family, drwainggs, animals and much more

Benefits: It promotes voice recognition skills, mental development, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

Premium Quality: The toy is safe for kids as it is made of non-toxic paints and furnished wooden material.

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Mini Puzzle Foam Mat for Kids

This children’s playing mat comes with 36 pieces of brightly colored alphabets and numbers that need to be connected together to create a fun play area! 

Benefits: The alphabet toy develops your kid’s interest in recognizing Alphabet and Numbers which improves their mental ability.

Premium Quality: The puzzle mat consists of alphabets and numbers made of safe, non-toxic EVA foam and it has over 7500+ reviews from parents.

Wooden Capital Alphabet Puzzles with Pictures 

These alphabet toys consist of alphabets, wooden colourful boards along with pictures. Your child with has to put the desired alphabet on the given shape.

Benefits: This toy will help your kids to recognize the alphabet that will make them smart and intelligent

Premium Quality: Made of non-toxic paint and furnished wood it is safe for your kids.

Alphabet Pizza Game for Kids

This pizza game comes with 156 puzzle pieces with a book that will guide you through the various puzzle options.

Your kids can make a chain, puzzle pizza or any other shapes using the given alphabet, wild animals and birds pieces

Benefits: This toy will develop hand and eye coordination of along with mental and physical development

Premium Quality: Made of non-toxic material the toy is safe for your kids

We have tried our best to provide you with information about alphabet toys for kids. You can also check this toys safety guidelines for more information. If you like our work please follow us on our social media handles for the latest updates.