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High Returns & Low Investment with Grocery 4 U Planning Pan-India Out-Reach

Considered as one of the largest food and retail supply chain Grocery 4u has more than 80 franchise outlets in India and is now planning to expand is brand across the country. It works on the mantra of ‘ High returns with low investments’.

Grocery 4u is a retail company which pins hopes on expanding footprint in the entire country. They are helping people with their excellent services and support as well.

Operational since 1988 under the super market category in India every day, the brand brings numerous products / services offering two models for franchising.

Grocery 4u takes advantage of one of the most effective industry practices in-order to use the full potential of their staff through their training institutes.

Our wide network of ware-houses have made operations smooth and easy in the supply chain and with the increased demand we have balanced with equal supply in every part of the country.

 The grocery chain believes in collaborating and actualizing excellent schemes without effective models and synergistically engineering and functionalizing operations rather than back –end –e-Commerce.

The global food grocery retail market was valued at USD 324. 4 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3%  in the period between 2022- 2030 .

 Stunted growth in the sector can permanently be attributed to the Covid induced higher spending on grocery.

Amidst the pandemic online grocery sales volume scaled due to consumer polarization. Despite the set-backs , Indian grocery market clocked a value of US$ 324.4 Billion in the year 2022.

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Grocery4 U is a chain of super-markets that was starting in 2020 but has shown significant growth since then.

Grocery 4u Franchise Commission , Revenue, Sharing & Royalty


90% to 100 %

Franchiser 10 %

Grocery 4u franchise details in years

18 -24 months.

Our franchise provides following products.

  1. Dairy products .
  2. Confectionaries
  3. Beverages
  4. Baby Care products.
  5. Ready to eat food.

How to take Grocery 4u franchise?

Following oxygen and water, food is the third vital thing for living creatures to supply energy and making development, maintaining life  and driving growth. Food plays an essential role in the promotion of health and preventing sickness. Food security, food safety, public  health and nutrition are the important aspects of the food sector. Super markets are today big rental food stores selling groceries, fruits, vegetables, dairy products including other items. As a result, it has evolved as a large rental business unit primarily offering food and grocery items in a low profit margin, a great variety and assortment, self service including a strong emphasis on merchandise appeal. Super- markets offer consumers practically all of their daily and every day needs at one location. Super –markets sell their products at the reduced rates because of their purchasing power which allows them to purchase goods from the manufacturers at the reduced costs than from the smaller retailers. They also save money on financing by paying for the item at –least one month after receiving them . In super markets, customers enjoy a complete freedom of choice and Grocery 4u franchise a wonderful alternative if you create a portal with a little investment. Grocery 4U is a super –market franchise that offers a variety of grocery items. No doubts, there are a number of grocery brands in the market but Grocery 4u has in the shortest ever time has established a strong market presence in India. If you have any question for taking franchise from Grocery 4u & Read the reviews about grocery 4u franchise reviews