How Do I Download iTools For Free

How Do I Download iTools For Free?

As an iPhone user, you may be familiar with iTunes before. It is an application that you can use to manage your iPhone. But due to its restrictions and difficulty of use, you may think about another that is more user-friendly than iTunes. So iTools is here for you to solve all your problems. This tool is a perfect solution for managing your iOS devices. Not only device managing but also other facilities as well such as backup data, iDevice managing, smooth functioning, etc. 

You can download iTools for free and it is really easy to use as well. When compared to iTunes this is the best alternative option for you. This application can be downloaded to Windows as well as Mac computers. Most importantly you can do the same thing as iTunes by using iTools and many more. The happy fact is it is more user-friendly and has smooth functioning and no restrictions as well. So this is the better option, isn’t it? 

Why Are iTools For You?

Are you wondering why I need to use iTools rather than using iTunes? Here is the answer for you. The file manager of the application is very supportive when compared to iTunes. By using it you can delete any unnecessary file directly but iTunes needs access from the library to do the same thing. And also if your device has some unsupportive file iTunes is willing to delete that file easily. But iTools free download is willing to convert an unsupportive file into a supportive format rather than delete it. 

It is really easy to work with this tool because of its performing speed. And also it is not necessary to log into numerous accounts while you are working with this incredible tool. iTunes offers you a library-style interface and you cannot get drag drop access by using it. But download iTools for free offers you a window-style interface that can easily move into different functions. And also with its drag and drop function it makes a super easy application for users. 

iTools Advanced Features 

Here let’s see what are the advanced features of this tool that made it an incredible tool. 

  • Smart backup and restore with iTools 

This tool allows you to safe backup and restore the files that you want. You can select the folders to backup and restore with a single click. 

  • Airplayer

This is one of the unique features provided by this application. It recommends easy ways to browse the web, different kinds of docs, view photos, watch videos and also share iOS device screens with anyone too. 

  • Battery master 

This is another incredible feature in this tool. It allows you to manage battery performance of your iDevices. And also you can increase the battery life as well. 

  • Data migration for iTools 4 free download 

When you replace your iPhone with a new one, you need to transfer your old data to a new device. Data migration is the best option for you. By using this tool you can share any data such as PDF files, videos and audio tracks, text docs etc easily. 

  • Ringtone maker 

This feature allows you to make customized ringtones as you want. 

  • File manager 

iTools files manager allows you to manage files in your iOS devices. It helps you to organize files as you want. So download iTools to enjoy all these features. 

Everything About Download iTools For Free 

The downloading process of the iTools for free is quite easy over other applications. You can download it completely free for your Windows or Mac computer. All you need to do is visit its official website and search for download iTools free. Then you can get a direct link to download iTools for free. In addition, you need to follow the below steps in order to download this tool correctly. 

  • First of all you need to prepare your computer (Windows or Mac PC).
  • Go to google chrome or another web browser and search for download iTools for free. 
  • Now you can download the package. It is for free. 
  • After downloading the package, you have to set it up by applying changes in hardware of the device. 
  • After that, the iTools icon will appear on your desktop. 

iTools For Windows 

iTools for Windows helps you to manage the entire iDevice with the help of a Windows PC.In here you need to make sure to match the system requirements in order to install this application to Windows computer. Below you can find suitable Windows versions for this tool.  

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and also Windows 10
  • Windows Vista and XP.

The Windows version can be downloaded completely free and also with its user-friendly interface you can use it without any trouble. And also it allows you to manage apps, files, videos, audio tracks and anything in your iOS device with the help of a Windows PC. And most importantly the Windows version is free of advertisements. It saves your valuable time too. 

iTools Free For Mac 

The Mac version allows you to manage the entire iOS device by using your Mac computer. This version also can be downloaded as a free software and you can manage your iDevices 100% safely. The compatible devices for Mac version is as follows, 

  • iPhone 5 to iPhone X series 
  • iPod touch 
  • iPad 2 to iPad 4 series 

When you use this version it does not require any Apple ID or password like in iTunes. It makes this application more user-friendly compared to iTunes. With the fast performance of this tool it makes your life easier. So no need to wait anymore. Download iTools latest version for free.

Download iTools For Free, The Best iOS Tool Ever 

iTools is the best tool you ever find to manage your iOS device easily and without any restrictions. By using it you can do the same process like iTunes and even more. With its fast performance features and user-friendly interface it makes your life easier. By using iTools you can manage the entire iOS devices by using Windows as well as Mac computers. So get started with iTools today and live your life more happily.