How do you poke someone on Facebook

How do you poke someone on Facebook?

Facebook has introduced a lot of new features in recent days and there are a lot of people who are finding it very hard to understand all the new features launched by Facebook and this is the main reason why in the guide, we are going to talk about another feature that it very useful on the application and you will benefit a lot from it. We are going to tell you what is the ‘Poke’ feature in the application and how you can use the same. 

What is the meaning of “Poke” on Facebook?

If you are wondering what is poke meaning in Facebook then, allow me to tell you that this is a very simple feature that allows people to send a virtual notification to another person on the application. Basically, this feature is created to use when you want to get someone’s attention on the application and the person can also poke you back. 

However, know that if you want to use this feature then you can only use the feature to poke someone that is present in your friend’s list so that nobody can abuse other people on the application with this feature. 

What is the Process to Poke someone on Facebook?

Now that you know what is Facebook poke, let us learn the steps that will help you in using this feature to get the attention of a person. If you are using your laptop or a computer then, use the directions that we are giving here to poke someone on Facebook. 

  1. Open your Facebook account on a web browser so that you can easily poke someone. 
  2. You will be able to see the Poke Page in your account very easily in the Facebook taskbar. Click on the option to open the Poke Page on your computer. 
  3. You will be able to see a list of all the people that you can poke and you just need to click on the Poke button that is present in front of their name to poke the person. 
  4. Facebook will then send a virtual notification to the person stating that you have used poke on Facebook and after this, you just need to wait for the other person to respond. 

This odd but funny feature is a very awesome way of attracting the attention of any person on Facebook and if you are interested in getting to know about more new features of Facebook then, do use the website