Lead Generation Company In Bangalore

How Does a Lead Generation Company in Bangalore Function?

We live in a digital era where lead generation services and Influencer Marketing in India play a significant role in business success and increasing sales. For example, if your business is located in the southern part of India, you should ideally hire a lead generation company in Bangalore to create prospective leads.

What are the different strategies used in lead generation?

Your Lead generation company in Bangalore will likely include the following strategies.

1. Discovering the lead

The most important step is to find the right lead. Therefore, targeting the most likely places such leads would be available is important. You must know where they hang out. It can be a social media platform like Instagram or the busiest coffee shop in the city. The next step for the Lead generation company in Bangalore will be to determine why these leads would be interested in your product or services.

They will know this after finding out the requirements of leads. However, if you are running a startup and have no idea who your leads are, they should study your competitors to know the type of customers they are chasing. It’s as simple as signing up for their mailing list.

Ideally, the first step is to identifying the customers most likely to buy your product or service. Once you know your prospective leads and what they want, you can grab their attention by offering the right content in social media posts, videos, and blogs.

2. Engaging through powerful content

Sharing useful and informative content to engage high-quality leads online is important. The Lead generation company in Bangalore should try to think more like your leads to find out what they need or are looking for and then offer it. For example, a website designer might write blogs about how to diagnose and solve routine website issues yourself. At the same time, a wedding photographer could post pictures from his latest pre-wedding shoot on social media sites like Instagram.

The content can be in the following forms:

  • Photographs and images
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers

However, the content they share must be relevant to your business and interesting to your leads.

Share your Content on Multiple Channels

Once your content is ready, it’s time to promote it through search engine optimization (SEO) tools to rank the content in Google. You can also boost it through email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, and other platforms where your prospective customers are usually active.

It is important to provide all the relevant data and information about your product or services across all possible channels, which will help you to generate more queries. It is why almost every marketing agency is actively investing in content marketing.

3. Capturing the Contact Details 

After you have grabbed the attention of leads with your amazing infographics or video, the next crucial step is to capture their contact information to convert them into business leads. Tell them to subscribe to your official newsletter by asking “for more information, provide contact details.” It so happens that the less information you ask for, there is more chance they will answer. After all, what you all need is your name and email ID. To encourage the Response from your leads, you can add, “We don’t share your information with a third party.”

Users, who visit your website through SEO, should be given the option to fill out a form on the home page or engage through:

  • Video call
  • Live chat
  • Cobrowse

In the digital age of real-time communication, people want their queries to be addressed instantly. A very effective way to do that is through live chats, which can increase online leads by an average of 40%.

4. Nurturing the lead

Once you manage the prospective lead’s email ID, you can share more engaging and powerful content to convince them to consider your products. One of the most effective and affordable ways to nurture them at this stage is to engage them through a normal or automated email.

For example, if a prospective lead reads your content and subscribes to your case study, you should send a couple of emails like:

  • Information about product releases
  • Welcome with a case study link
  • Important tips about your business
  • Discount Coupons

Ensure that every email you send to prospective leads includes how your business can help them. Motivate them to take action —reply for details, request a quote, and sign up for a free webinar.

5. Score based on Response

It’s time to score each lead based on their different responses. Therefore, award the highest scores to the leads that are:

  • Engaging more with you
  • Checking your website
  • Downloading your content
  • Replying to your emails
  • Signing up for a free trial of the app

By giving scores to your leads, you can focus more on the leads that are most likely to become customers. It will not only tell you how ready the lead is to purchase, but it can also provide important information about whether your lead generation process is working efficiently.

6. Converting them into customers

The marketing team usually does the lead generation process, from finding the leads to capturing, nurturing and scoring them based on their engagement with your business. Converting a lead into a customer is the job of the sales team.


The lead generation company in Bangalore and Influencer Marketing in India can be very helpful for your business by increasing your company’s customer base. However, your customers’ expectations will evolve as the digital marketplace evolves. Hence, you must know the latest apps, approaches and lead generation strategies to keep a regular flow of new clients to your business.