How to Clean a Custom Boat Cover

How to Clean a Custom Boat Cover?

Cleaning your custom boat cover is not as easy as you may think. Sometimes, the covers of custom boats are very expensive. They may last for decades but require utmost care. The water pressure can harm your canvas. 

In this write-up, we will share some useful tips and tricks to keep your boat cover resilient. 

Tips to Clean Your Custom Boat Cover

Following are the tips to keep your boat cover clean and safe from pressure water. 

The Basics of Washing the Cover of a Boat

All you need is a hose along with a bristle brush. In case you see stains and spots on your boat cover. just have a cleaning mixture. You need to elevate your cover to a position to prevent the pooling of water. Then, spray it with your hose and scrub the spots or dirt with your brush. 

If there are no spots on your canvas, then just pour some water with your brush. Just be careful to let the air dry the canvas before folding it because it will create dangerous fungus. 

The Best Cleaning Solution for Your Canvas

The answer to the question is simple. In order to make the best cleaning solution if there are any stains on your custom boat cover, you need three things;

  • 2 Cup of warm water
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 1 cup of powdered Borax

First, you need to mash up these things in a bucket or a spray bottle. Just make sure that Borax is dissolved completely by shaking it. Just apply this properly created solution to the spots or first and scrub it with a brush. 

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Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Remember While Washing Your Canvas

Protect Your Custom Boat Cover from Pressure Water While Cleaning

As we have pointed out earlier, some of your canvas or protective covers may be too expensive. These quality protective covers can last for decades but the main thing is that you should deal with them with extra care. The thing you need to do is that you should protect it from being damaged by pressure water. The pressure water can damage the threads on your canvas which will result in holes on its surface. 

Make Your Boat Safer Against Soaps or Solutions

Secondly, you should make your canvas resilient and strong against various types of solutions. These solutions have the impact of damaging the fabric and threads of your canvas. Make sure that the solution you use is properly made and a mild one. In case you buy it from a market, make sure that you have the recommendations listed.

Plastic Tarps May Be Double-Edged Sword

Thirdly, plastic tarps may be more beneficial while in abrasive cleaning but note that they may be not as durable as custom boat covers. 

Keep it in Sunlight to Prevent Mildew from Growing

After cleaning your canvas, put it in some sunlight rather than in a shady place. A shady place may allow fungus or mildew to grow on your custom boat cover. The best position for a boat cover is to tie it up with a rope and hang it on a wall.


To sum up, we may deduce that protecting your custom boat covers should be made a priority rather than removing stains or dirt on it. If you use the above-listed prescription in your daily washing of the boat covers, then you will see that these things will be very beneficial in order to make your custom boat covers highly durable. You just need to take care to use a mild solution in case of dirt and keep it in a sunny place.