How To Get Your HP Printer Back Online If It Is Offline?

How To Get Your HP Printer Back Online If It Is Offline?

A warning indicating your HP printer offline appears as you try to print a crucial document. Have you ever experienced an offline HP printer issue? This surprisingly common issue affects several connected printers, but it is easily addressed in a few straightforward steps. Know about some simple steps to quickly get your printer working again.

Why My HP Printer is Offline?

It might be annoying if you’ve seen this error notice. A printer is unable to communicate with the source of the print job when it is offline.

It is wise to halt all print jobs until the issue is resolved since a printer that is offline cannot accept and process new print jobs. Stop sending print requests to your offline printer before reading our troubleshooting advice. Any print jobs that are backed up at the printer may need to be postponed until you can reconnect. Simply keep in mind to save your work so you may print your items at a later time.

Among the causes might be:

  • Old drivers 
  • Connection problems
  • A settings mistake

There are several ways to address each of these causes. 

Let’s examine the issue and how to resolve it so that you may print and go online once again.

How to Resolve HP Printer Offline Issue With Easy Steps?

To resolve the HP printer offline issue, follow below methods. 

Make Sure Your Printer is “Set as default printer”

  • Follow these troubleshooting instructions if your HP printer continues going down on Windows 10 or any other operating system: 
  • Run may be accessed by pressing the Windows button. Enter “Control Panel” now and click “OK” in the dialogue box. 
  • Your mentioned HP printer will appear after you select the “Device and Printer” option. If your printer is marked with a green checkmark, it has already been “set as default.”  
  • If not, then select “Set as a default printer” from the context menu when you right-click on your printer. 
  • Your printer is now operational, and the HP printer’s offline fault is no longer apparent.

Leave ‘Use Printer Offline’ option off

If “Use printer in offline mode” is chosen, the HP wireless printer becomes inoperable.  As a result, the user must make sure that this option is not chosen. The following navigation will help you change this setting:

  • Click “Settings” under “start” to access the menu.
  • Select “devices” and then “printers and scanners.”
  • Select your HP printer with the right click from the list of printers.
  • After that, uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” option from the menu. Your HP printer will now resume printing online. 

Examine the Printer Driver and Update any Outdated Versions

If the printer driver is damaged or obsolete, the HP printer will always display the offline error. To update or reinstall drivers on Windows, follow these instructions.

  • Look for “Device Manager” in the Windows search, then click it.
  • Now enlarge the area marked “Printers.”
  • Locate the model number of your printer in the enlarged column, then “Right Click” on it and select “Update Driver.” 
  • Then select “search automatically” and wait until the driver for your printer is updated.  Restart your computer when the procedure is finished.
  • Go to the “control panel,” select “remove programs,” and then delete your current HP printer driver if you wish to reinstall your driver. Thereafter Install the printer’s driver by downloading it from the HP website. for additional information about this procedure.

You won’t ever have the issue where your HP printer goes offline in Windows 10 or any other operating system after using the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques. 


You must ensure that all printer drivers are correctly installed and updated in order to prevent the “My HP printer is offline” problem. The potential faults that might happen when using the printer are eliminated by regular and timely system updates and printer driver updates.

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