How to install solar Panel

How to install solar Panel

Renewable energy is the energy of the future. Many countries have begun to think about exploiting solar energy to generate energy and reduce environmental pollution. This article will discuss in detail how to benefit from it.


The sun is the main source of light and heat on the surface of the globe. And solar energy is  the most available renewable source for generating electrical energy. It is important to mention that solar energy is a clean source of energy generation because it depends on collecting sunlight through solar panels and converting it into electrical energy without harming the environment.

The method of installing solar energy panels in our homes is not complicated and inexpensive. As it is possible to choose panels of the appropriate size and type for daily consumption and are in line with our climatic environment. And thus we have contributed to reducing our bills and preserving the environment.

5- Current transformer: Its function is to convert electrical energy from direct current to alternating current to match the way the devices in the house work.

Installing a solar energy system in homes is somewhat expensive. But it helps to save and reduce electricity bills and does not require a complex maintenance system.So before proceeding with the installation of this system. You must

Verify the following:

1- We must study the electricity bills to know our average daily consumption And this will help in choosing the best system for our requirements and budget. And in obtaining an effective and suitable system for the home and the environment in which we live.

2- That we also study the quality of the roof and the influencing natural factors such as climate and others. And the nature of sunlight in your area. Because this helps  you to choose the right type of solar panels for your home.

3- It is important to consult several suppliers before choosing your solar system.

4- We have to decide if the system will be independent. Whether it will need batteries to store excess electrical energy in order to use it during the night when the sun disappears. Or whether the system will be connected to the electricity company line. And it can also be made with a simple electrical circuit to work automatically in cases The electricity goes out. And the rest of the time he works on the public power line.

5- Inquiry from the company that installed our solar system about ways to use solar energy and how to maintain and maintain the system.

The uses of solar energy in homes are multiple. Such as solar heaters or even solar heating and cooling systems. And the energy generated by the system will cover your electricity needs to operate electrically powered appliances with the same quality and lowest cost.

The use of Solar energy in Australia home as a source of energy helps us save money and preserve our surroundings. It is also available energy. And it can be stored for use at night during the absence of sunlight. And thus other energy sources can be replaced by clean and natural energy.