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How to Play Strip Poker Game in 6 Simple Steps?

Strip Poker is a fun way of adding a twist to your home games and parties. Strip poker has become a part of pop culture, and you must have seen it in movies and TV shows very often.

People have accepted Strip Poker as an adult game as well, where people bid and play for hours as a competition and test their luck too.

A poker variant that involves players removing clothing. A piece of attire as a forfeit is removed by the loser in a hand. 

This particular poker format encourages togetherness in fun, risk, and the hilarity of embarrassing the other players of the game. 

Steps of Playing Strip Poker Game

Step 1: Set up

Ensure that each player has the same number of chips who is playing the game. Then after that allocate an item of clothing to each chip assigned. Later on, clarify the rules and format of the game to the players.

Note- For this version of the game we will be allowing a card changing on the flop to make things a little more exciting and fun. 

Step 2: Shuffle

The next step of the game is, we need to shuffle the cards and deal. Start by washing all the cards. Washing in the poker game means spreading the cards out by putting face down, and mixing them up thoroughly. So all the cards need a good mix from the last deck of playing cards; it will be helpful for not getting the same cards in the last game.

Step 3: Make a deal

Start by burning the card at the top of the deck of cards. Burning means throwing it into a discarded pile or out of the deck. Then to start the game deal 3 cards face up at the center of the table this action is called flop which is also communal cards that everyone can use in the game. 

Step 4: Allow the change 

Players can decide if they want to exchange any of their face-down cards with a flop. This swap is a blind exchange in the game. Players cannot look at the new cards before they change them; as once the cards are discard or trash, the same cards can’t be taken back. 

This can be customized as per the standards of the game you are following; as it will add more fun and twists to the original game.

Step 5: Run the board

Now there will be around five communal cards on the table. Players can use them to make their best 5-card. And expose us to win.

how to play strip poker

Players who end up making the best card among the others can shout out and show their cards to win. 


So, this is how the game of Stripe Poker is played. Every game comes with some rules that need to be followed when you start playing the game. Strip Poker also comes with a set of rules that should be understood and practiced to start with the game by visiting my website Gambjet.