remove forgotten password from pst file

How to Remove Forgotten Password from PST File Outlook 2007, 2013, 2016

The PST file format is world wide known, it is generated by Outlook. Outlook is the email client in which we configure our mails. Then, Outlook manages the emails in it. You generated a password on any PST file a before long time ago. Now you need information from it and you forgot the password. Then you need to remove forgotten password from PST file for which the best methods are present in this blog. In methods the manual and professional approach are described. You can use any from them.

Methods to Remove Forgotten Password from PST File

The manual and professional approach is described in this blog as methods. That will help you to reset forgotten password from PST file in an easy way. Both the methods are good at their place of requirement. The functionalities of every method differ from each other due to the facilities.

@1. Manual Method to Remove Outlook PST Password if Forgotten

This manual approach is provided by Microsoft Outlook itself. This approach is very effective to perform the task. You can remove forgotten password from PST file without any interruption.

Use the given steps of manual method.

Step 1. On your computer system, open the Outlook.

Step 2. Select “File” from the menu, and then select the “Info” icon.

Step 3. After selecting the Info icon select the Account Settings option.

Step 4. Select the PST file that has the password applied by going to “Data Files” option present on your screen.

Step 5. Change the file password by selecting “Settings” from the menu.

Step 6. Enter the “New Password,” and then confirm it after entering the old password applied on that PST file.

Step 7. Choose the option “save this password in your password list” for your future plan.

Step 8. To erase the previous password from the PST file, click the “OK” button.

Note:- The manual method is not able to wipe out the password from the PST file. If you want to remove forgotten password from PST file then it is not possible in this method. You can only modify the password of any PST file. For removing the password permanently you need another method.

@2. Remove Forgotten Password from PST File Using the Technical Expert’s Method

This method is given by the technical experts of SysTools by giving the PST Password Remover Software. I think this is the best method according to me. I used different methods to remove forgotten password from PST file but in the end gave me that perfect tool. It can add thousands of PST file to remove the password from them at one time.

Features of the Tool

  • This tool is feasible in removing the password from PST files in bulk. You can unrestrict thousands of PST files at one time.
  • This is the only tool that can remove password without entering it for a single time.
  • It has the simple graphics user interface which make it user friendly.
  • Accessible in all windows from 11 to 7.
  • You can use this tool on windows as well as Mac.

Follow the given steps of professional method to remove Outlook PST password if forgotten.

Step 1. Run the tool after the compilation process of download and installation.

Step 2. Add files or folders in which password protection is present.

Step 3. You can search your PST file if you do not know where it is saved or present.

Step 4. Press Remove password from the right bottom corner to remove forgotten password from PST file.

Your PST file is free of password without any password.

Note:- The professional method is best for you to remove password. If it does not make you able to remove Outlook PST password if forgotten. You can take the advanced version. It will definitely remove password.


As we talked earlier you saw both manual and professional approach in this blog. Both are good at their place but the professional method is best. You can remove forgotten password from PST file effectively. But, the manual approach is applicable only for changing the password. The manual method of Outlook is not able to remove password permanently.

Both the methods have their different facilities on which their functionalities works. You can use any of the method from the described for your need according to your requirement.