team building activities in Dubai

How to spend an ideal day with your family in Dubai?

As summer has almost knocked at the door, Dubai stands among the highest destinations to be visited in this lovely season. It is a destination best visited all around the year, esp. when it’s time for cozy and cold vacations. However, in summer, Dubai turns out to be an esoteric place where you immerse in enjoying beautiful skies and clear weather along with a diversity of beauties around.

Here is a list of the top activities to do when visiting Dubai during the summer season with your friends and family.

Enjoy the largest zipline in Dubai

Dubai is home to travel enthusiasts. Likewise, this place on the earth offers you the opportunity to explore the world’s longest urban zipline. You get the chance to experience an adrenaline rush the moment you start experiencing zipline down.

Get an insightful understanding from an experienced professional instructor regarding the techniques and safety elements of the largest zipline in Dubai. Document the entire experience in the form of recordings as well as videos by means of an action camera to help you capture everything on the go.

Go for camping

Camping is on the hit list of activities to do in Dubai in the summer season. The heat outside will become much more tolerable during any part of the day, regardless of the fact if you select your spot from the mountains, desert or coast. You must prepare very properly for the same. Rent an off-road automobile and pack a shovel and compass and prepare to keep yourself very well-hydrated. There is a big plethora of options available for you to select from, differing from beginner spots to sites suited for expert ones.

Enjoy the Dubai Rugby Sevens

The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens stands as one of the most renowned activities to experience in the summer season in Dubai. There is a big list of amazing fun-filled activities for members of the family belonging to all ages involving music concerts, kids’ shows, workshops, and much more. It is indeed an excellent event if you’re searching for family-friendly specialities to be experienced in Dubai in the coolest season of the year. The annual sporting festival spans three days at the start of December or end of November and is invariably one of Dubai’s biggest social events.

Relax on the beach

There are dozens of beaches that one can select from all the available options, including the emirate’s coast. Of all the activities to do in summer in Dubai, soothing yourself on one of its myriad beaches has to be on the list. You’ll explore some incredible family beaches located in Dubai Marina and by Jumeirah Beach Residences. You will explore even more undivided beaches through some of the much bigger hotels along the coast, such as Jumeirah Beach Hotel or the lavishly magnificent Four Seasons Dubai.

Flow with the creek

Scouring the ancientest part of the city at Dubai Creek is one of the most famous things to do in the city at any time of year, but by far one of the best things to do in Dubai in summer. The cooler temperatures mean exploring the spice souks and outdoor gold is very doable, and you will not find yourself very eagerly looking for isolation from the sun’s rays.

Watch The Dubai Fountain show

Although this is not a very popular summer activity in Dubai, watching the Dubai Fountain Show is one of the best eye-soothing things to do. The fountains sit at the base of Burj Khalifa and ‘perform’ to music many times during the day. It’s free to watch and walk by them. With lots of outdoor restaurants to choose from and pleasant weather, you will get the advantage of it all.

Visit Dubai Miracle Garden

This is one of the greatest spots to visit team building activities in Dubai in summer and take benefit of the great weather. The abundant flower species – ranging from small to large in incredible formations comprising of a giant Mickey Mouse, Burj Khalifa, and Emirates A380 – are in complete bloom over the entire winter season. It’s like no other garden on the planet, incredibly!

Putting it all together, if you are excited about spending a summer vacation, then Dubai is your perfect fit. From the big bunch of activities and great restaurants to appealing weather coupled with welcoming hospitality, you and your family will definitely experience it all!