Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling That Spruce Up the Place

Your bathroom might be sufficient from the functional aspect, but do you know what it feels like when you go inside a luxury bathroom?

Why do five-star hotel bathrooms always make us feel luxurious? The reason is that all the elements work together harmoniously to deliver a relaxing experience. But can the bathroom in your house deliver this luxurious feel?

The answer is yes. A bathroom remodel and a few small touches can really amp up your bathroom to the next level. So, read on to find out how you can make these changes and enjoy lavishly, everyday:

1.      Repaint the Walls

White walls might look plain and neat, but they do look boring. A little glam up with paint or wallpaper can really jazz up the place. If you’re going for wallpaper, avoid prints that look busy. Geometric prints work quite well in bathrooms and even pull off the minimalistic look.

2.      Replace Fixtures

Replacing plumbing and lighting fixtures in your bathroom are also an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom. But don’t make mistakes just because you want to keep the costs low. If you do that, you might have to face severe consequences later.

A professional bathroom remodeling company like Creekside Pro Construction can help revamp your bathroom space within your budget.

3.      Amp Up Your Vanity

Matching accessory sets and wrought iron shelves near your vanity area can make a ton of a difference to the aesthetics of your bathroom. You can even add potpourri and scented candles to add a spa-like feel to your home.

However, if you don’t have a vanity, or have one that is quite old, consider replacing it with a new one. It will add that much-needed oomph to your bathroom and give it the modern feel.

4.      Add a Statement Piece to Your Bathroom

A statement piece in your bathroom like a mirror lined with LED lights or bordered with textured vinyl can really add to that glam factor. If you can’t invest in a big bathroom remodel, just changing your plain mirror for a new one can transform the look.

While you can replace the mirror on your own, don’t attempt it if you don’t have any carpentry experience. If you’re remodeling your entire bathroom, the professionals can do this small job for you at a minimal cost. However, make sure you invest in a mirror that complements the other elements in your bathroom and is just the right size.

5.      Add Artwork on Empty Spaces

A quirky poster or artwork can also add a personal touch to your bathroom. Even if you have a small empty wall, an elongated poster can brighten up the place. However, make sure you consider the humidity aspect in the bathroom. A painting or poster that is protected with glass can work well in a bathroom.

6.      Add a Splash of Green

A splash of green like a small artificial plant can really freshen up the place. However, if you can maintain, you can even add small pots of bathroom plants. They can add different colors to your bathroom including green, orange, yellow, and even purple!

Also, when we talk about colors, a shower curtain with geometric patterns like chevron can really jazz up the place. This small detail can really improve the look of your bathroom.

Final Words

There are many ideas for bathroom remodeling that can improve this neglected place in your home. However, make sure that before you pick a project, you make a plan based on your ideas and your budget. A professional company like Creekside Pro Construction can help you with the initial consultation for any kind of remodeling job.