If Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working! Follow this Guide

If Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working! Follow this Guide

The Intuit data protect tool is used to keep your QB data from getting damaged or lost. It does this by giving your data the most security possible. When there are problems with the IDP tool, it can put company data at risk, so these problems need to be fixed as soon as possible. The ‘Intuit data protect has stopped working’ problem can be caused by an old version of QB Desktop and other less common reasons, but it’s easy to fix by following the steps in this article. 

If you can’t get the issues with IDP fixed on your own or can’t follow the steps listed in this article, you can dial TFN +1(855)-955-1942 and talk to one of our support experts for help

Reasons Why Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed all of a Sudden

If your IDP suddenly stops working, one or more of the following reasons could be to blame:

  1. Your QuickBooks Desktop is outdated and doesn’t work with the IDP tool anymore.
  2. When starting the data protect utility in QuickBooks, the Windows firewall is creating obstructions.
  3. The company file name is longer than the limit or has special characters or spaces in the name.
  4. The IDP login info may be incorrect, which makes it hard to log in.
  5. The Microsoft .NET Framework is having some issues like damage or corruption, due to which QuickBooks, along with IDP, is not working as expected.

How to Fix the Error ‘Intuit Data Protect is not Working?’ 

If your IDP has stopped working, you can fix the problem by doing one of the following. However, before you implement the solutions below, make sure to secure the most recent backup of your QuickBooks data created by IDP to an external storage device to avoid permanent data loss if something goes wrong while troubleshooting.

Solution 1: Fix Issues with QuickBooks and IDP with the Diagnostic Tool

Use the install diagnostic tool to fix the problem where IDP not working QuickBooks desktop.

  1. Find the Intuit Data Protect icon, right-click it to see the list of options, and click Exit. 
  2. Now, press and hold the F2 key on the keyboard and launch the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool.
  3. In the tool window, click the Run Diagnostics button. If you encounter an error, the system will display the error message along with the steps to resolve the Intuit data protect not working issue.

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Solution 2: Remove the Backup Folders for IDP

With this solution, we will get rid of the old backup files and folders to get some free space for new backups.

  1. Right-click the Intuit Data Protect icon on the Windows taskbar to see the Intuit Data Protect options. 
  1. Now, press and hold the Ctrl and R keys at the same time to bring up the screen where you can delete the saved backup files and folders.
  2. Let Intuit Data Protect figure out how big each file is, and then choose ‘Delete’ to bring up a confirmation box.
  3. Click ‘Yes,’ remove the IDP backup folders, and then click ‘OK’ to finish. 

In the end

Using the methods in this blog, you can easily fix the problem where your Intuit Data Protect has stopped working. If the issue keeps interrupting the backup procedure and you have no other solution to implement, you can call Data Service Solutions at TFN +1(855)-955-1942 to get help from our team of experts.

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