Lifeguard class near me

Is There a Lifeguard Class Near Me?

You can search for lifeguard class near me by contacting local swimming and lifeguard pools, community centers, or organizations like the American Lifeguard. These classes provide comprehensive training on water safety, rescue techniques, and certification to prepare individuals for the important responsibilities of a lifeguard and ensure the safety of swimmers in your community.

Benefits of swimming and lifeguard

Epiphany baths can cause serious illness and death.
Hardening or, in other words, winter swimming and lifeguard is an effective method , which helps to improve the health and strength of the whole organism.

According to experts, getting stronger brings a lot of benefits to a person. In general, any water procedures are very useful for the body, especially swimming. At the same time, pressure on the back is relieved, and all parts of the body come into motion.

Since ancient times, scientists have proven the positive effect of cold on the human body. However, according to doctors, it is necessary to gradually prepare the body for swimming in the hole. Moreover, the preparations should begin in the summer period .

Swimming in an effective preparation hole is a rubdown cold morning, gradually lowering the water temperature. It is necessary to allow the body to slowly get used to the decrease in temperature and prepare it for winter swimming and lifeguard.

For rubbing use pieces of cloth from natural materials (linen, cotton) or sponges (natural or rubber). Wiping starts from the legs, then rub the hands, chest, stomach, back in a circular motion. After three to four weeks of daily rubdowns, you can move on to dousing or contrast showers.

Pouring you should start from the lower parts of the body, gradually rising to the top. Before the procedure, the legs and arms should be warmed (for example, by rubbing). It is not recommended to dose if a person feels cold. It can damage blood vessels . A douche can be replaced with a contrast shower.

To find a lifeguard class near me, you can try searching on websites such as the American Lifeguard, or local community centers, or contact your local pool or beach for recommendations.

Cold and hot shower , as a result of controlled temperature difference, activates all systems of the human body. This method strengthens the immune system, increases blood circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and improves metabolism.

If you have already prepared yourself and want to dive into the hole, you can do it on Epiphany, January 19. Winter swimming and lifeguard in the hole is precisely connected with this church holiday . Once a year, most people in the country become a walrus for a day.

Who with joy and happiness, and who with fear and trembling plunge into the icy water. According to the scriptures, on this day two millennia ago, Jesus Christ was baptized in the waters of the Jordan River. Baptism is believed to wash people of their sins by immersing them in water.

The question arises: what effect does swimming and lifeguard in a hole have on the body? There is no consensus on this issue. Some experts believe that winter swimming has a positive effect on the body. Others warn of potential health risks. Undoubtedly, winter swimming has benefits and harms.

Benefits of ice swimming:

The immune system is strengthened, the body is better able to resist viruses and colds;

Improves blood circulation;

There is pain in the joints, muscles and ligaments; It is possible to get rid of arthritis;

The condition of asthmatic patients is facilitated;

Skin becomes smooth and firm.

Stay in the hole every 1-2 minutes . A person does not feel cold, but also internal heat (of course, all body systems aim to generate energy!). The best immune system is trained, thermoregulation, the body is preparing for stress. However, if the winter swimming and lifeguard process is delayed, after 5-10 minutes the body will exhaust thermal resources and dangerous hypothermia will occur.

As a rule, in walruses, when they dive into a hole, they begin to produce endorphins, hormones of happiness. As a result, a person who dives into an ice hole for the first time will do it all the time afterwards. According to experienced walruses, as a result of swimming and lifeguard in the hole, they got rid of several chronic diseases.

Contraindications of ice baths

If a person has diseases such as tuberculosis, kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, allergies to cold, damage to cerebral and coronary vessels, lung insufficiency, inflammatory processes, experts strongly do not recommend diving in ice water.

Doctors strictly prohibit dipping into the hole after drinking alcohol. Also, you cannot do this with various colds. Pediatricians do not recommend immersing children in ice water. For a growing organism, this is a strong hormonal stress.

Rules for swimming in the hole

But you can get all the above advantages only if you approach winter swimming correctly:

Before you dive into the hole, you need to prepare: warm up the body with light gymnastics, walking;

You can’t dive in with your head;

Swimming and lifeguard duration is 1-5 minutes. Beginners in water no more than 15 seconds;

After swimming in the hole, you should immediately dry the body and dress warmly.

According to experienced walruses, the main principle of such hardening is gradual, regular and systematic. For those who have contraindications to this method of hardening, cold water douching, dousing, and contrast showers can be used. These methods, unlike winter swimming and lifeguard, are completely safe. They only benefit the body.


Happy hardening and good health!

Bathing or even swimming and lifeguard in ice water – is a historically established and moderately popular way of winter pastime in some countries.

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