Migrate Exchange to Office 365 through a Top-Notch Solution

The tactic for a successful migration from Exchange to Office 365 is a difficult task and especially for organizations that hold large amounts of data. Moreover, with a proper procedure, users can successfully migrate Exchange to Office 365. Nowadays, everyone is eager to shift their data to Office 365 as it has various astounding features that protect the data. The data stored in Office 365 is easily available for users, and they can share or transfer the information to their colleagues from anywhere.

Now many users want to migrate exchange 2019 to Office 365 quickly and are looking for a perfect solution for the procedure. However, many users who have recently begun using this platform for their professional work are willing to know the purpose of migrating to Office 365. There are several reasons to do so; below; we are citing some of them for the users.

  • Office 365 is easily accessible for users anytime, anywhere, and through any device. So that if users want to share the data immediately, they can do it right away.
  • Microsoft 365 provides more scalability without spending more on infrastructure; users need to buy an email account for new users.
  • Users do not have to worry about data security, threats, and virus attack. The security feature of this platform keeps your data protected.
  • Office 365 offers subscription plans for data storage that keep the data protected.
  • Whenever the latest version of the software is out, it automatically updates, and users do not have to worry about updating Office 365.

Ways to migrate Exchange to Office 365

Now that users want to migrate their exchange data to Office 365, they are searching for a perfect way to begin the procedure. Moreover, there are two ways to commence the task, i.e., the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Both methods are available for the users to opt for their desired method. The manual method is the oldest way to conduct the task; most users rely on this task only. 

Now that the technology has evolved, a new technique has been launched. The professional way is the new technique that users look for instant results. Everyone now wants the immediate result, no matter the task. Therefore, many users are willing to use professional tools to migrate Exchange to Office 365 swiftly.

Manual approach to migrate exchange mailbox to Microsoft 365

To begin the task manually, there are four ways to migrate exchange data; go through the below-cited pointers to migrate Exchange to Office 365.

  • Cutover Migration applies to exchanges 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. It can migrate up to 2000 mailboxes only. This procedure is appropriate for all the small enterprises that have set up start-ups. Once the limit is exceeded, the procedure gets slow, and then users will fail to migrate data to Office 365.
  • Staged Migration- Users can migrate more than 2000 mailboxes, and this method applies to all types of business organizations, whether small or large. This manual method is appropriate for Exchange 2003 and 2007 only; this method takes a bit long to proceed and migrate Exchange to Office 365. The procedure depends on the type or quantity of data users are migrating.
  • Hybrid Migration- With this method, users can migrate the data between 150 – 2000 in a small batch. It applies to MS exchange server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. The users can migrate the existing mailbox between the exchange server and the exchange online.
  • IMAP Migration- The method is to migrate the email and message; it is time-consuming. This method allows users to migrate the non-exchange server to Office 365 easily. Moreover, this method does not migrate the contact, calendars, etc.

Migrate Exchange to Office 365 through a top-notch solution

All users looking for a professional tool to migrate their exchange mailbox to Office 365 are suggested to try the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool. The software will quickly complete the migration process without taking much time.

  • Download the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool and install it in your system.
  • Now click the Add source option and select the Exchange Server Mailbox option.
  • After that, you are supposed to enter the domain name, users name and password.
  • Later on, users can preview the selected mailbox item.
  • After that, users can select the Export in Office 365 option from the ribbon bar.
  • Check/ Uncheck for subfolders, and there is an option for custom folder selection.
  • On the next window, tap on the Retrieve all mailboxes from Office 365 option.
  • Now enter the details like the user’s name and password.
  • There will be a mailbox mapping and validation option that target users can click as required.
  • After that, users can apply the filter based on item date and message class and tap on the Next option.
  • After that, the full report of the process will appear before you, and once the process is completed, the message will pop up “Process completed successfully.”
  • Now save the report, and lastly, tap on the Finish option.


To migrate Exchange to Office 365, we have shared both the manual and professional methods. Users can opt for their preferred approach; we suggest they use a professional third-party tool. The tool we have shared is one of the trusted solutions for the process. Please go through the free trial version of the software and check out its features in detail.

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