Train Food Order

Order food online on Rajdhani Express: It’s easier than you think!

We all agree that trains are currently the most comfortable mode of transportation. But with the Train Food Order service, you’ll experience the feeling of being in a five-star hotel, which might put you at ease. Since you can now order the cuisine of your choice while riding a train, you can enjoy every moment of the journey while indulging in delicious meals. Numerous other dishes, including samosas, tikki, chatt, noodles, dosas, rajma rice, curry rice, chicken fries, and tandoori chicken, are now available for ordering.

The railroad provides this service in more than 500 stations and on more than 7000 trains, including the Rajdhani express. The stations that provide this service are well-known and have a large number of delivery partners who deliver food to passengers on time and safely.

Delivery of food online 20501 TEJAS EXPRESS Train

Between Mumbai and Delhi, this train runs. It travels to its destination in 40 hours and 5 minutes overall. You can also purchase a ticket 120 days in advance. Both a pantry and a system for ordering food online are available in this train. One station, Katihar Junction, located at 20501 

TEJAS EXPRESS, allows you to place an online food order

On the 20501 train, this station offers the highest-quality IRCTC food order service. KIR is the station code. It is a celebration restaurant that sends food to this station. You should try some North Indian dishes like dosa, uttapam, idli, sambar, chicken fry, fish fry, and many more, as well as some unique katihar dishes. There are numerous websites that offer food delivery at this station. The Zoop app lets you order food. Considering that your preferred cuisine is delivered promptly.

12957 ADI NDLS RAJ EX Train food orders

This daily train runs from Ahmedabad to Delhi. The travel time between Ahmedabad and Delhi is 13 hours. Both a pantry and a food delivery service are available on the train. Food orders are simple to place on this Rajdhani express. Many apps, such as zoopIndia, travelkhana, and IRCTC staff members, offer Train Food Order e-catering. To make a purchase, simply download one of the apps or place an online order.

This train delivers food to two important stations. Mahesana Junction and Abu Road railway stations both offer food delivery services between Ahmedabad and Delhi. You can order food at upscale restaurants located at both of these stations. Two restaurants, 7 Spice and Jay Ambe fast food, deliver food to customers online at Mahesana Junction Railway Station. Both Krishna Caterers and Nakshatra Food and Beverages are located inside the Abu Road Railway Station.

12434 NZM MAS RAJDHANI, order food in the train

From Hazrat Nizamuddin to mgr Chennai Center, this train runs. The journey there requires a total of 29 hours. Food can be ordered online, and there is also pantry food available on this train. There are a total of 8 Train Food Order delivery stations along the train’s route. There are eight different stations where you can place a food order. The restaurant that sends food has FSSAI approval as well. The food is healthy and safe to prepare.

H Nizamuddin Railway Station, Agra Cantt Railway Station, Gwalior Jn Railway Station, Virangana Lakshmibai Railway Station, Bhopal Jn Railway Station, Balharshah Railway Station, Warangal Railway Station, and Vijayawada Jn Railway Station are among the stations where you can place food orders. At these restaurants, you can order a variety of dishes and sample a variety of cuisines, including south Indian, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Bengali, Chinese, Mughalai, and some specialty dishes from each of these restaurants or cities. This can add excitement and comfort to your journey.

How do I place a different Rajdhani express food order?

With a few clicks, you can enjoy online food delivery in train while traveling. Simply download and launch any of the aforementioned apps, such as zoopIndia, the official IRCTC app, etc. then take these actions.

  1. You have two choices on your phone’s display: PNR number and train number. Complete both fields completely.
  2. A new page with a wide variety of stations and restaurants will then appear.
  3. From the list, pick any of the stations and eateries. The restaurants you see are the ones from which you will order food.
  4. Select your preferred dish or other food from the restaurant’s menu at this point.
  5. Then you can see your payment options. You have two payment options: online or cash on delivery.
  6. After that, watch for the message confirming whether or not your order was received.
  7. If so, settle in while you await your order.
  8. If you don’t want to download the app, you can order food in a similar manner from the website.