how to power xbox one without brick

Powering Your Xbox One Without a Power Brick: Is It Possible?

The Xbox One is a beloved system among gamers worldwide, providing diverse leisure and gaming possibilities. However, one of the Xbox One’s less enticing aspects is the immense power brick in the device.

Many customers have questioned whether they can power their Xbox One without the power brick. This SEO-friendly post will look at the possibility of powering your Xbox One without a brick and provide some options.

The Xbox One Power Brick: An Overview

The power brick, commonly known as the power supply unit (PSU), is a necessary component of the Xbox One system. It is responsible for converting the alternating current electricity from your wall socket into the DC voltage required for the Xbox One to work. The power brick is a safety barrier, avoiding power surges and electrical problems on your console.

Is it possible to power your Xbox One without a power brick?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. To work correctly, the Xbox One requires a power source, and the power brick is mainly built to match the console’s power requirements. Attempting to power the Xbox One without a power brick is not recommended since it might cause lasting harm to your system or pose a safety risk.

Alternative Suggestions:

Although it is not feasible to Power Xbox One without a brick, there are various solutions for those looking for a less arduous setup:

Third-Party Power Bricks:

Some manufacturers make third-party power bricks that are Xbox One compatible. While they may be smaller and more compact than the official power brick, be wary of third-party options.

Choose a renowned brand with excellent ratings since a low-quality power supply might damage your console or fail to provide enough power.

Concealment of the Power Brick:

If the aesthetics of the power brick bug you, try finding innovative methods to conceal it. Use cable management systems or strategically placed furniture to hide the power brick from view. This way, you can enjoy a cleaner gaming setup without jeopardizing the performance of your Xbox One.


While powering your Xbox One without a power brick may sound enticing, there are more realistic and safe solutions. Consider third-party power bricks from trusted companies instead, or figure out how to disguise the power brick inside your gaming setup.

Prioritize your console’s safety and performance by utilizing the proper power supply, ensuring that your Xbox One continues to provide an excellent gaming experience.

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