PrognoCIS EMR Vs. EpicCare EMR: For your information

In the world of EMRs, PrognoCIS and EpicCare are underappreciated yet well-known. We can already see things changing as they compete for the top positions and quickly go to the top despite being both well-known and not as highly effective. But what sets them apart so dramatically? We may better comprehend this by contrasting their features, prices, and demos.

What is PrognoCIS EMR Software?

To satisfy the needs of general practices and ambulatory specialized medical care environments, Prognosis emr offers systems that are both hosted locally and in the cloud. It offers editable templates so doctors can tailor their workflow to suit their requirements.

PrognoCIS EMR Features

Patient Portal

Patients can effortlessly access crucial medical records, bills, charts, and related information on their phones through the patient portal system of PrognoCIS EMR. They can even immediately message their doctors using this technique. Users of the web and mobile applications for PrognoCIS, including iOS and Android mobile devices, can access the patient portal.

Medical Billing Software

Users who utilize PrognoCIS EMR billing software may manage medical billing. Due to the lack of upfront expenses, training expenses, server installation expenses, or upgrade fees, users should experience financial savings while utilizing the capacity. Appointment scheduling, claims administration, eligibility verification, and demographic modifications are just a few of the medical billing capabilities available on PrognoCIS EMR’s automated dashboard.


According to PrognoCIS EMR, telemedicine is the method through which medical practitioners treat patients remotely using technology like cell phones, computers, and desktops. Thanks to telemedicine, doctors and other healthcare professionals can more easily access patient medical data and information.

PrognoCIS Pricing

The price starts at $250 but could vary depending on the size of your company or the number of employees.

PrognoCIS EMR Demo

You can always learn more about a piece of software by watching a demo, which often gives you a better knowledge of all of its functions.

PrognoCIS EMR Reviews

The software’s services, including revenue cycle management and medical billing, have received high user scores for its customer support training and features.

What is EpicCare EMR Software?

EpicCare’s ambulatory solution enables medical providers to keep track of a patient’s continuing development. Health organizations all across the world use the administration to do a few of their routine operations, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and payment. Anything can be satisfied by a module. Clinical trials, analytics, and a mobile app are included.

EpicCare EMR Features


Epic’s screens, processes, specialized apps, predictive analytics, and embedded decision support capabilities help the clinical practice. It also makes it easier for users to apply their research findings to therapeutic therapy and makes it easier to identify study subjects for independent research.

Care Management

With the aid of Epic, users can manage their health insurance operations. Using the system’s user management tool, users can decide on a patient’s care cost-effectively and knowledgeably. Submission and processing of claims could happen automatically. By integrating patient data and technologies, doctors can gain secure web access and proactively detect high-risk patients.


With Epic’s aid, those familiar with the patient can build dashboards and test their hypotheses on various groups. Additionally, users can combine several operational, financial, and clinical data sources into a unified data warehouse.

EpicCare EMR Pricing

The EpicCare EMR solutions can be altered to meet your practice’s size and feature requirements. The cost of larger practices ranges from $1200 to $1500, while plans for smaller clinics start at $99 per user. For a particular cost, get in touch with us.

EpicCare EMR Demo

EpicCare demo provides a software demo and a subscription trial period, albeit the duration of the latter is not specified.

EpicCare EMR Reviews

Because of the shortcut options, many customers value EpicCare’s simplicity and wide range of features.

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PrognoCIS EMR Vs. EpicCare EMR Software—Final Thoughts

PrognoCIS also provides EHR and practice management software. Since the EHR and practice management system are seamlessly integrated, the practice may conveniently combine EHR workflow and revenue collection into a single source. Additionally, it makes it easier for providers to enroll and achieve in-network provider status, allowing each carrier to pay the practice’s expenses. Numerous medical professionals benefit from PrognoCIS’ assistance in managing costs and revenues while offering the best possible patient care and medical services.

EpicCare EMR should be used in large healthcare facilities and academic medical settings that need maintaining patient data organized in one location. Thanks to this software, the care teams’ capacity to communicate more effectively with one another enhances the quality of the care that may be given. Additionally, by ensuring that organizations adhere to regulatory criteria, EpicCare EMR helps them meet all Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2 obligations.

Either of these software programs might be a good addition. We suggest checking out their demos before choosing!