Prasanna Satgunarajah

SEO Link Building: Enhancing eSports with Crossplay

The eSports industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, evolving from niche gatherings to massive global events with multi-million dollar prize pools. The introduction of crossplay games—allowing players from various platforms to compete against each other—has further intensified the excitement and broadened the audience. In parallel, digital marketing strategies, notably white hat link building, are becoming instrumental in increasing event visibility and audience engagement. This article will explore how cross-play games can collectively elevate eSports competitions.

The Impact of Crossplay Games on eSports

Breaking Down Barriers

One of the most significant impacts of crossplay games is the democratization of eSports competitions. Traditional barriers such as console exclusivity are becoming obsolete, allowing players to compete on a more level playing field. This increases participation rates and broadens the competitive landscape, making eSports more inclusive and appealing to a wider audience.

Expanding Viewership

Crossplay functionality also impacts the audience, providing a richer, more diversified viewing experience. Fans can now follow their favorite players across different platforms, increasing viewership and engagement, which is a boon for advertisers and sponsors.

The Necessity for Effective Marketing

Despite their potential benefits, cross-play games can be complicated to promote. This is where digital marketing, specifically white hat link building, comes into play. Proper marketing is essential to ensure that these innovative gaming experiences do not go unnoticed.

The Role of White Hat Link Building in eSports

Increasing Online Presence

White hat link building is crucial for enhancing online visibility. By securing high-quality backlinks, the ranking of the eSports event’s website can dramatically improve on search engines, thereby attracting a larger audience.

Establishing Credibility

Links from reputable sources can add a level of credibility to an eSports competition, making it more attractive to both participants and viewers. This credibility can often translate into higher attendance, both online and offline.

Combining the Strengths of Crossplay

Content Collaboration

Incorporating strategies like white hat link building can begin with content creation. For example, developing in-depth articles or tutorials on how crossplay affects competitive strategies can attract high-quality backlinks. This, in turn, can improve the event’s search engine ranking, driving organic traffic.

Influencer Partnerships: Link-building

Utilizing influencers from the gaming community can provide an authentic voice to your promotional efforts. They can speak about the merits of the crossplay format and help garner high-quality backlinks through their content.

Social Media Engagement and link-building

Social media platforms are treasure troves for organic linking opportunities. Sharing updates, behind-the-scenes content, and live snippets from ongoing competitions can attract attention and encourage backlinking.

Future Prospects

As technologies continue to advance, we can anticipate a more comprehensive integration of crossplay games and strategies. The symbiotic relationship between these two can forge new pathways for marketing innovations in the eSports industry.

Advanced Techniques for White Hat Link Building in eSports

Guest Posting on Gaming Blogs and link-building

Guest posting is one of the most effective white hat link-building techniques. By offering valuable and relevant articles to established gaming blogs, you can attract a different audience and secure quality backlinks. Make sure to choose blogs that align with your eSports event’s objectives and audience. You can cover topics such as the importance of crossplay games in levelling the eSports playing field or game-specific strategies.

Webinars and Live Q&A Sessions

Hosting webinars and live Q&A sessions can serve as a potent avenue for earning backlinks. These interactive platforms allow for deep dives into various aspects of your eSports event, from the crossplay mechanics to sponsorships and everything in between. Participants who find these sessions informative are likely to share them, giving you natural backlinks that are highly valued by search engines.


The eSports landscape is witnessing significant transformations with the advent of crossplay games. These games offer an unprecedented level of inclusivity and competition, making them particularly appealing to a broad spectrum of players and viewers alike. However, the role of effective digital marketing, especially white hat link building, cannot be underestimated in leveraging this potential. By smartly integrating both, event organizers can amplify visibility, attract a larger audience, and set new standards in the ever-evolving world of eSports competitions.