Setup Techniques For Rockspace Extender

Are you helpless in setting up the Rockspace Extender? As we know there could be a number of reasons behind this, So, let’s figure them out with these tips for Setup. 

What Are The Crossing Parameters Of Extender

Rockspace extenders are the improvers of internet connections that reliably improve the internet speed, by boosting the WiFi range. Because sometimes the existing network performs so badly which is why a Rockspace ac1200 Setup is necessary.  

Where Should I Put It?

Just like the router placement is critical to maximizing the signal strength, so you should place the extender in a good place to make it worth putting. Figuring out the extender placement is such a simple job after doing the setup. Although the 

WiFi extenders are different in features and settings as well.  

For Extender Placement Keep In Mind

Keep the extender at a near distance to your router. You need to recognize the dead zones of your house and should place them halfway between the router to eliminate them. The distance of the extender and the existing device should not be much. This simple process can cut off the dead zones to expand the signals  to make a difference. Use re.rockspace.local web address to diminish the issues.

Set The Channels 

Your device is on the right place but still you are facing the connection issues.  Check the configuration of the device. Verify the settings as the ISP only configures the basic settings. But to get the best Wifi speed it is compulsory to verify the Wifi channels of the extender. On the Wifi channels of the wireless network the data is exchanged. The crowded channels could affect the network speed of the running device. If the device will be on the default mode then also it will goin to impact the device. 

The 2.4GHz band channel can run 12 channelos at the same time. It is common in every house. Channels overlap and cause interference, which highly affects the router performance and the Extender does not get the exact speed. To cut off the  extra burden of the device choose 1, 6 and 12th network channel manually. You can change the IP manually as it is printed at the back of the router. Or you can use re.rockspace.local to change the IP Address of your web browser. 

Only to improvise the performance we have recommended to choose the Wifi channels manually. Therefore, continue to Login the credentials. But make sure to enter the correct credentials. As given here in the exact figures.

After setting the channels run a speed test as well. Therefore, set the channels that are offering the best wifi speed. The new extender always uses the 5GHz of band channel. As it is almost equal to 50 channels. It also helps to decrease the channels interface. 

You can see like this Rockspace extender can improve your Wifi Range. Therefore, extend the Wireless range also. But you need to configure the router after installation and setup. To configure the settings head toward the extenders login page. In addition to setup use the web interface following steps.

Note: To log in to the Rockspace extender, one must use the default login admin panel. Now, your extender is free to extend. As you have successfully logged in, your Networks. Or any other network you wish.

Steps To Setup The Web Interface Of WiFi Extender:

  1. First, uncover the box of your device.
  2. After unboxing the device, shift the antennas in the upward direction.
  3. Attach that extender to the power extension.
  4. Ensure that the socket is working perfectly.
  5. Now, here you have to wait for the LED Light to light up.
  6. Thereafter, use your phone or computer to connect to the extender’s network.
  7. To connect to the network, you need to turn on the WiFi. Therefore, choose the network name with Rockspace_EXT
  8. It might be possible that you will get a notification on your device. That your networks are not secure. 
  9. There is nothing to worry about with this particular notification, ignore it by sliding it without any worry.
  10. It’s time to create your username and login password.
  11. This security password is enabled to secure your respective networks and to further let you log in.
  12. Now head towards re.rockspace.local to perform the Rockspace AC1200 setup.
  13. Additionally, Using the administrator credentials.
  14. Wait for the nearby list of available WiFi networks.
  15. Therefore, select your existing router.
  16. Type in your main router’s WiFi password.
  17. Tap or click on the “Extend” button.
  18. Finally, if you see “Extended successfully”, it means the setup is successful.
  19. Otherwise, you have to reset the extender to the factory default settings.

We have given a full setup guide. Like how you can do a Rockspace AC1200 setup without facing troubles. If you find this information relevant then share it with other users.