Step-by-Step Guide: How to Request Accurate Fence Quotes in Ottawa

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Request Accurate Fence Quotes in Ottawa

If you’re going to start a fencing project in Ottawa, it’s important to plan well. An important part of this process is getting good and detailed quotes from people who do fencing work. In this guide, we will go step by step to make sure you get good Fence Quotes Ottawa for your project. This will help you know how much it will cost, when it will be done, and what the work involves.

Regulations Regarding Residential Fence Height

A residential property’s front yard is permitted to have fences up to three feet, or around one meter, high. There cannot be a fence taller than three meters on non-residential premises. The height of your fence on the sides of your property and in the backyard can go up to 7 feet, or around 2.1 meters. This offers everyone the privacy they require to feel at ease. 

Items That You Can and Cannot Utilize

Certain materials are beyond limits when erecting a fence, even if they could provide an additional degree of security. According to general rules, your fence must be upright, sturdy, safe structurally, and devoid of hazards. Anything that could pose a risk to an animal or other human is not allowed. For example, you cannot have chicken wire, barbed wire, or an electric current passing through your fence. 

Consult Your Neighbors

In addition to your family, you also need to consider the people on the other side while erecting a fence. Although it’s not required by law, keeping a positive rapport with your neighbors can be achieved by talking to them. Before beginning your project, have a conversation with them, particularly if the fence divides your land from theirs. According to Ottawa’s bylaws, you must keep the fence looking as it does, at least on the side that faces a public roadway or other neighboring property. An improperly erected fence can be an eyesore and can result in an offense. 

Be Certain of the Timing

A lot of temporary fence providers charge extra for services rendered outside of typical business hours. This may include additional fees for delivery made on the weekends, in the evenings, or on holidays. Make it clear if you require the fence to be installed outside of typical business hours.

Recognize Your Site’s Needs

One of the most frequent problems when quoting is that the person in charge of obtaining the fence rental estimate could not be present at the location. There are several reasons why this can be troublesome. They may not even be aware of the precise location or quantity needed for the barrier. Even worse, they may not be aware of how simple it is to visit the website, and difficulty accessing it can easily result in additional fees. Try to obtain all the information from someone who has visited the location if you are asking for a fence rental quotation and you haven’t been there yourself. As an alternative, arrange for your temporary fence supplier to take you on a site tour. Giving them a tour of the site in person is a terrific method to make sure the price accurately addresses any possible demands.

Examine the Stability-Affected Factors

Likewise, be sure to inform your fence supply if you intend to hang banners or screens from your fencing. They will then be able to appropriately prepare for strengthening the fence and taking care of any stability issues. This may avoid unpleasant surprises when you need more stable items and spares you from having to call the seller again.

Never Assume You’ll Need Less Fence Than You Think

Understand that there are rarely perfect site circumstances. There are instances when we have to cope with difficult terrain or windy places. Then, stability starts to become an issue. Long, straight fence lines can become unstable even on a level surface, especially if you add banners, screening, or signs. We will tie the fence line off to any permanent structures that already exist wherever feasible to strengthen it. However, if that isn’t a possibility, using a triangle or v-bracing to support the fence and stop it from tilting is our best recommendation. It is therefore wise to plan on needing 5% to 10% extra fencing than you initially expected.


By doing these things, you make the base for a good and clear quoting process that fits with your fence goals in Ottawa. We hope that this article will help you in finding the best quotes for fencing. To Know More About Fencing feel free to contact us anytime.