Helpful tips for students and teachers to learn on Google

Google is not just for gaining basic information, search pictures or movies but on the contrary it is a proper search engine. IT can be an educational tool for learning of teachers and students if used properly. It hosts tons of educational video that is readily available for all of us and it is totally free.

In this post, I share with you some practical tips to help you how to use Google in your education and educate yourself in a better way which is effective and free.

Some helpful tips to use Google in education:

1- Search with voice

By using this feature you can search educational content by your voice for example: Assignment help, dissertation help etcetera. To use this feature you just have to give access to Google chrome to use microphone and it is totally harmless and safe.

 2- Use Google search filters

When you start to search educational content on Google instead of directly searching through typing you can use Google filters to search so that it only search for educational content website such as Britainwriters and avoids irrelevant sites so that you can’t get distracted. 

3- Share specific portions of educational content

On Google you can easily find high quality educational content and copy only that specific part which you want to share or take screenshot of the content. In this way you can save it for yourself or share it with your academic partner. On Google you can also find educational site such as Britainwriters which will help you in tour academic needs.  

4- Restricted mode

Restricted mode is used to screen out inappropriate content on Google. By using this feature you can avoid unwanted content that you don’t want to see while studying. Here is a small guide that  how to activate it: Open Google and click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select Restricted Mode, and click on ‘Activate Restricted Mode’.

5- Google Keyboard shortcuts

There are many more shortcuts to optimize Google search through which you optimize your Google search which will help you in unexpected ways so that you can educate yourself properly and increase your grades gradually.