Technologies that are used by security guard companies in Malaysia in 2023: A Perspective

Post-pandemic situations have changed the outlook on technological advancements related to security-related issues. To address such problems upgrading security equipment with new & improved technology is the best solution offered. The research & development wing is working relentlessly to invent improved technologies. Technologies that can help these security guard companies provide better security measures.

Malaysia, as discussed in previous blogs, has its challenges in providing private security to citizens. They too have upgraded their technologies to counter security threats more efficiently. In this blog, we will be discussing some technologies that are used by security guard companies in Malaysia in 2023.

  • Upgraded security cameras 

CCTV cameras continue to get upgraded with new technologies, and businesses replace their old systems with new & advanced models. These new cameras have significantly more features and they make a guard’s life easier while reviewing footage. They have excellent night vision and use high-resolution images where it is needed. Many cameras also come with improved motion detection which a certain pattern of movements can trigger. These cameras also come with wide & multi-lens setups for commercial purposes.

  • Pre-programmed identification or Digital IDs 

This concept is not new, but its use has expanded to everyday situations. Digital IDs are a unique way to confirm authenticity and grant access to a particular group or individuals. This also makes identification easy for guds in the physical world. However, guards should be made aware to check the authenticity of the cards before granting access. Recent examples of attempted forgery make it inevitable to check the IDs properly.

  • Zero-contact Biometrics

Other than Digital IDs, zero-contact biometrics have made their rise too. Part of it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic where many businesses mutually benefited by using biometrics with zero-contact characteristics. Cards infused with NFC chips can be used to store authentication data so that the person can just swipe the card over a designated panel to confirm his/her identification. This data then will be stored in cloud-based identity management so that guards can review access activity from anywhere.

  • Facial recognition 

This technology has become an important part of surveillance systems as well as law enforcement agencies. The technology enables its users to verify their employees through face recognition software pre-installed in their servers. If need be, it can be used to ban employees from entering the premises and alert security guards if instances like this happen. Soon enough, the use of facial recognition will be seen in malls, retail stores, various organizations, etc.

  • Single network platform 

The most frustrating part of many security companies is the use of multiple security platforms. To counter this, a single platform was introduced where there are separate sections for each feature, for example, access control, video surveillance, alarms, etc. These features can be used at the same time by a single person using this single network platform.

  • Guard patrol systems 

It is an effective technology for monitoring security guards. Security guard companies in Malaysia With the help of this technology, clients have every detail regarding their security guards. Details such as the number of rounds performed by the guards, amount of guards needed to secure premises, and monitoring the functionality of each security guard. It can be also used as an interface to interact with the guards without using a walkie-talkie.

  • Advanced metal detectors 

Advanced metal detectors with better and more intelligent features are replacing older models. This includes more weather-proof options so that they can be installed outdoors frequently and counters that automatically tally the number of people crossing through. It has the feature of self-calibration that leads to much higher accuracy. Some have specific features depending on the place they are stationed.

  • Increased emergency contact options 

Organizations focusing on de-escalation and avoiding harm have increased the options for emergency contacts. Guards can assess the emergency and contact the specified agency for help, for example, mental health service, disaster management, etc.


When hiring security guard companies in Malaysia one should check for these specific features. These new technologies can very well be the difference required to safeguard people or assets in 2023. Companies in Malaysia are focusing on acquiring these technologies for their use and at their discretion.