traditional ayahuasca ceremony

The Ayahuasca Ceremony: What to Expect And Experience

Alternative healing treatments like plant medicine travel in safe retreat facilities are gaining popularity. Many people report having incredibly difficult-to-explain ineffable experiences after participating in an ayahuasca ritual.

This guide will help you thoroughly understand the traditional ayahuasca ceremony experiences and what to anticipate in an ayahuasca ceremony if you’re curious about ayahuasca but aren’t sure if an ayahuasca ceremony is suited for you. 

Ayahuasca: What Is It?

The psychoactive beverage ayahuasca has been used extensively in South American religious and healing rituals for hundreds of years. Typically, the drink is created by boiling the Psychotria viridis shrub, a source of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, which contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

In numerous traditional ayahuasca rituals, healers, also known as curanderos or ceremony guides, use the drug to transition between the material and spiritual worlds to acquire and impart sacred healing knowledge to people in need.

However, in modern ayahuasca ceremonies, you’ll probably take medicine alone while the curandero supports your individual healing process.

An Ayahuasca Experience: What To Expect

It can be challenging to predict how ayahuasca will impact you because every journey is different and can vary from one ceremony to another.

Many of the variables affecting the ayahuasca experience are challenging to understand because of the energetic nature of this kind of treatment. However, context, setting, psychological landscape, and physical surroundings are crucial in all psychedelic experiences.

Exactly how does ayahuasca taste?

The way ayahuasca is brewed can affect how it tastes. While some individuals find ayahuasca downright revolting, others liken it to divine nectar.

Some of the most frequent taste descriptors are:

  • Earthy 
  • Astringent 
  • Salty
  • Comparable to prune juice
  • Coffee-flavored

What Effects Does Ayahuasca Have?

Sensory Responses

You might have visual hallucinations when taking ayahuasca, ranging from minor kaleidoscopic patterns like LSD and psilocybin to full-on dream-like scenarios. It is imminent to focus more on the emotions the visions elicit rather than what they immediately mean.

Additionally, you’ll probably have increased sensitivity to touch, light, and sound and a potential sense of physical heaviness.

Ayahuasca also frequently causes time distortion, in which the passage of time appears to be either slower or faster than usual. The idea of time could sometimes be completely lost.

Mystical Encounters

Some people claim to have had mystical encounters from ayahuasca, including a loss of ego, a sense of oneness or merging with the ultimate truth, and a connection to a divine source.

Mystical experiences can be frightening in concept, yet they are frequently profoundly significant and can foster a fresh feeling of spirituality or admiration for the beauties of life.

Even mystical experiences and the advantages of psychedelics for mental health have been linked by researchers.

Encountering The Spirit Of Ayahuasca

You can run across the ayahuasca spirit during your ayahuasca session.

A fundamental tenet of shamanism is the idea of “plant spirit,” a life-force intelligence found in plants. However, how these spirits manifest to individuals during their encounters using plant medicines is incredibly individualized. Some individuals view the spirit as their essence, while others see it as a fully formed spiritual being that they can connect with and frequently evokes serpents’ images.


During an ayahuasca ceremony, not everyone purges, but for many people, nausea, vomiting, sobbing, shaking, sharp temperature changes, laughing, and diarrhea are typical symptoms

At first, the idea of purging appears intimidating. But while purging may be seen as “getting sick” in Western cultures, for shamanic traditions worldwide, purging is a necessary step toward “getting well.”

In actuality, the la purga—also known as “the purge” among ayahuasca-using traditions—is a crucial step in the healing process of the drug since it aids in removing the body’s toxins, blocked energies, and traumas. A tremendous sensation of release can also be obtained via physical expulsion during cleansing.

Manifestation Of Trauma

Ayahuasca can make challenging emotions and issues appear during your encounter. However, confronting your shadows and seeing how they affect your life might heal you.

As a result, ayahuasca guides usually suggest that you surrender to any difficult content rather than avoid it. This is why it’s also crucial that you feel calm throughout an ayahuasca ceremony. Doing this will give you confidence to delve further into challenging experiences, increasing the likelihood that psychological material will be processed and addressed. Similarly, the more we embrace our traumas through ayahuasca rituals, the sooner we will cross over and enjoy the benefits of this drug.

Final Words:

With so many options, it might not be easy to select the right ayahuasca ceremony for you. Finding a dependable facilitator who can offer support and a secure environment is essential. It will be better to have a preliminary conversation with the lead facilitator or shaman while selecting an ayahuasca ceremony. By doing this and communicating your intents and goals, you may assess whether you feel at ease and in alignment with them.

Ayahuasca use can be a profoundly transforming and life-altering experience. If you sense the call, remember that the location of the ayahuasca ceremony can be just as significant as the medication itself. Decide on a safe, appropriate center to meet your needs and intentions after carefully planning your visit there.