square scarves

square scarves

The Best Color Combinations for Square Scarves

Did you know that cravats, which later morphed into neckties, were first received into French fashion in the late 1600s? Croatian soldiers who served in the French army at the time wore tied scarves around their necks, and civilians found these soldiers so attractive that they adopted part of their military uniform into their day-to-day fashion.

Cravats, neckties, and other square scarves have come a long way since then. Over the last three centuries, their evolution has spawned many ways to wear them. Read the rest of this useful guide to learn how to wear square scarves in unique ways.

Celebrate Summer With Yellow and Green

Scarves aren’t typical Summer fashion items, but there’s no reason you can’t use silk scarves to add more colors to your summer wardrobe. Pairing a yellow sleeveless top or t-shirt with a green scarf creates a vibrant summer look.

There are many ways to make this work with women’s square scarves. The soft fold and perfect knot styles are some of our favorites, but the main idea is to leave enough neck exposed or to have a looser fit to stay comfortable in the heat. To complete the color scheme, you can also tie your hair with a yellow or green silk scarf.

Fun With Red and Blue

Red and blue together can stand for many things, from a farmer’s vibe to the national flags of many countries worldwide. Pairing a dark blue square scarf with a red top or blazer is one of the best ways to tie this color combo together.

The red and blue combination works throughout the year and in many contexts. The scarf can keep you warm if you wear it to a fair in November, or it can add a dash of playfulness if you use the blazer-scarf idea with red heels and a pair of repurposed blue jeans. It can also look sophisticated if worn as a ladies’ ascot.

Classy Light Gray and Brown

Men’s square scarves may reclaim their original spot as the most sophisticated necktie variants. One of the best color combinations for men in 2023 is a light gray silk scarf paired with a light brown overcoat, jacket, or blazer and light beige chinos.

In these colors, the wearer looks like he’s stepping off a private yacht or leaving an exclusive poker game. You can create this look with a square scarf or a light gray ascot cravat tie.

Professional Pink and Gray

Adding pink highlights to a gray or light-gray outfit is a versatile tactic for any outfit at any time of the year. It’s a color combination that works equally well at a coffee date and business meeting. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s a pink shirt and a gray skirt/pants or the other way around.

With these outfits, matching the pink’s intensity with the gray’s darkness is crucial. Lighter grays work with muted pinks, while more solid or bright pinks match darker grays.

Therefore, if you have a dark gray overcoat, a bright pink silky scarf worn as an ascot or headscarf creates an eye-catching look. You can also use a gray scarf to tie your outfit together. You can even use small square-neck scarves as headbands because this color scheme looks great in sporting attire.

Orange and Blue in September

Bringing out the orange outfits is always a great way to bid Summer farewell and welcome the Fall. However, after years of wearing the same orange items, many people feel like they run out of inspiration.

Mixing orange clothes with blue is a great way to escape the rut. Burnt orange pairs especially well with navy blue, and you can whip out an orange or blue scarf on colder days or just for vibes.

We’ve found that one of the best styles is blue pants, an orange top, and a blue scarf. These outfits tend to work with tons of accessories as well, so don’t be shy to add a couple of bracelets, a watch, and a belt.

Warm Up the Room With Red and Fuchsia

Going in with a warm color double bill is one of the best things you can do to make a statement or if you want all the attention in the room. The red and fuchsia color combination radiates warmth and demonstrates boldness.

The best way to make these outfits work is by having red in the center and fuchsia on the perimeter, so either a red top with a fuchsia skirt or pants or a red outfit and a fuchsia jacket. Wearing the scarf in a formal way around the neck is both stylish and sophisticated, but you can also put the scarf in your hair for a festive look.

Black, White, and Anything

At last, we have the time-tested black-and-white combination. Black and white is often thought of as the most serious and professional color scheme, reminiscent of million-dollar deals in boardrooms and law firms. This makes it one of the most attractive combos, but it can feel boring to those who’ve been wearing it every day for years on end.

Luckily, the unique advantage of black and white is that they don’t clash with anything! You can add a scarf of any color around your waist, neck, or hair, adding the much-needed splash of color to the otherwise buttoned-down look.

A practical benefit of this solution to colorlessness is that it’s easily reversible. You can walk around the office all day with your colorful scarf and remove it when you go into a meeting or to court, for example.

Use Square Scarves to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Square scarves are some of the most interesting and versatile fashion items today. They can work in a variety of different outfits, look good in formal and casual environments, and come in endless colors.

Using colorful square scarves in your outfits is a great way to bring your wardrobe to life. Just be sure to pick a scarf with a texture and color that matches the overall vibe you want your outfit to bring to the table.

Scarves are also cheap! Find wholesale square scarves and tons of more fashion tips by visiting our online store today.