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The Best Fixes for the HP Printer Validation Failed Error

One of the common errors that HP printer owners encounter is a validation failed message. The HP printer validation failed error renders users unable to use their printing devices. Essentially, it indicates problems with the path of your ink cartridges when printing. The hindrances on this path are limiting the movements, which is preventing the printer from printing. Faulty or incompatible drivers and power outages are two main causes of the validation failed issue.

In this post, we will find out some of the effective techniques to eliminate this printer error.

Troubleshooting HP Printer Validation Failed Error

Let’s learn about some methods to fix the error. Before using the resolutions, check that there is no obstruction in your HP printer. If there’s a paper jam, clear it.

Use the printer troubleshooter

The printer troubleshooter is an in-built utility in the Windows system to eliminate common issues. Follow these steps to use it.

  1. Right-tap the ‘Start’ button.
  2. Now, choose ‘Settings.’
  3. Here, select ‘Update & Security.’
  4. Hit ‘Troubleshoot’ in the left pane.
  5. Select ‘Printer’ in the right pane and tap ‘Run the troubleshooter.’
  6. Let this tool identify and fix issues.
  7. Tap ‘Apply this fix’ to make it address the validation failed error.
  8. Now, try printing.

Reinstall the printer driver 

Reinstalling the printer driver is another fix to try if above does not work. 

  1. Right-tap on the Windows button and tap ‘Run.’
  2. In the Run box, input ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press Enter.
  3. In the ‘Program & Features’ window, locate the printer software.
  4. Right-tap on it and choose the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  5. Adhere to the onscreen guidelines to uninstall the printer driver.
  6. Now uninstall all the other software related to printer.
  7. Go to the HP Printer Download Center.
  8. Input the name of your printer driver and tap ‘Submit.’
  9. In the ‘Software Utility’ section, tap ‘Download’ to download the printer driver. 

Employ the HP Print and Scan Doctor 

The HP Print and Scan Doctor tool can effectively fix the HP eprint printer validation failed error. Download the utility from its HP’s website. 

  1. Tap ‘Yes’ when prompted, ‘Is your printer currently offline?
  2. Exit the browser after downloading it. 
  3. Head to the location where the file is downloaded and double-tap ‘HPPSdr’ to run it.
  4. Tap ‘Run’ and click ‘Accept’ to agree to the agreement.
  5. Tap ‘Start’ to let the tool begin the scan.
  6. After it scans your device, choose your printer and tap ‘Next.’
  7. Allow the tool to fix the error. 

Reset your HP printer 

Sometimes, a printer reset troubleshoots different errors in its working. You can try to hard reset your HP printing device and then check for the error.

  1. Turn on the printing device and take out the cartridge from within.
  2. Hit the ‘Power’ switch and turn off the printer.
  3. Take out the power cables from the device.
  4. Shut down your system and turn off the Wi-Fi router.
  5. After a minute, turn on the printer.
  6. Put back the cartridge.
  7. Switch on the computer and the Wi-Fi router.
  8. Now, give a test print command.

Make use of the HP Smart application

You may also try using the HP Smart app, which is a great way to troubleshoot the validation error problem. Simply open the app after downloading it.

In the ‘Settings’ section, tap ‘Diagnose & Fix.’ Hit ‘Start’ and let the app detect the issue. Tap ‘Next’ and check if the problem has been resolved.

Summing Up

Hopefully, these fixes will help you get rid of the HP printer validation failed error issue. You can now start printing easily. Using the HP Print & Scan Doctor, resetting the printer, and reinstalling it are good solutions to try. But if you don’t find any improvement in the situation, contact a printer technical expert.

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