The Best High-Pressure Washer, Domestic

There are many classifications of high-pressure cleaners, a wide range of applications, and a large number of models.

Although there are many high-pressure cleaners, they are very similar in terms of the principle of use, mainly through the power device to make the high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of the machine. 

There are many varieties of high-pressure cleaners: trichlor machine, gas camera, hydraulic cleaner, cold water high-pressure cleaner, hot water high-pressure cleaner, electric-driven cleaner, gasoline-driven cleaner, electric-heated high-pressure cleaner, diesel-heated high-pressure cleaner Machine.

Ultra-high pressure mobile cleaning machine, industrial stainless steel high-pressure cleaning machine, explosion-proof high-pressure cleaning machine, hydraulic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Cold water high-pressure cleaners are the most widely used in reality, mainly used for car cleaning, cleaning of commercial places, etc. 

The increasingly important cold water high-pressure cleaners have gradually become a kind of household appliance. Domestic high-pressure cleaners have developed rapidly in recent years.

From the earlier low-end products to mid-to-high-end products, there are many well-known brands from the past for foreign brands. The future of domestic high-pressure cleaners is very promising. optimism eBay Discount Code NHS.


  1. Troubleshooting a Pressure Washer
  2. During the use of the washing machine, failures are inevitable. When a problem occurs, the cause should be carefully searched according to different fault phenomena.

The spray gun does not spray water

  • The water inlet and water filter are blocked. b) Nozzle clogged. c) The heating coil is clogged, remove the scale if necessary large number of models.

Unstable water pressure

  • Insufficient water supply. b) The pipeline is broken, the detergent nozzle is not inserted into the detergent medium, etc., causing air to be sucked into the pipeline. c) Nozzle wear. d) The seal of the high-pressure water pump is leaking.

Burner Misfires

  • Insufficient air intake, white smoke. b) Dirty and clogged fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel nozzle. d) The solenoid valve is damaged. e) The position of the ignition electrode changes, and the spark is too weak. f) The high-voltage ignition coil is damaged. g) Damaged pressure switch large number of models.
  • If the above problems occur in the high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine, the user can find out the cause and troubleshoot by himself. However, if the washing machine has serious failures such as water leakage from the pump body and oil leakage from the crankcase, the washing machine should be sent to a professional maintenance department with complete accessories and strong technical force for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Save with Amazon NHS Discount Code.

pressure washer brand

Yili Electric Appliances has been working hard in the cleaning industry for more than 40 years as a big brand. Yili high-pressure cleaners have gradually risen in the cleaning field and become extremely important famous equipment in the domestic cleaning machine industry.

The strength accumulated over the years of Yili high-pressure cleaners is very. From the early export of car washing machines to the current foreign and domestic markets. It has gradually created its own brand effect.

Through a large number of self-owned patented technologies. A very advanced production base, and comprehensive online and offline channels. The brand of Yili high-pressure cleaners is presented to many domestic car wash users. 

Today’s Yili high-pressure cleaner has developed into a series of cleaners with a complete range and a good reputation. Various new washing machines have been developed one by one. The latest lithium battery washing machine is the first in the industry.

It can wash cars very efficiently without an external power supply. The whole equipment is very convenient, and it is deeply loved and recognized by car owners. From some key data, you can feel the power of the Yili cleaning machine.

 The headquarters of the Yili cleaning machine covers an area of 50,000 square meters. The production area exceeds 90,000 square meters. It has the production capacity of the whole industrial chain.

There is also a complete set of systems for the quality control of Yili high-pressure cleaning machines. The total number of employees exceeds 2,000, and more than 100 senior R&D personnel. The company is ISO-certified and also BSI certified.

Many products have passed many strict certifications such as CE of the European Community. And are very popular in many European and American countries. The development of the whole enterprise is in a vigorous new stage.