My Favorite Genre and the Evolution of Music

The History of My Favorite Genre and the Evolution of Music

Not to mention that everyone has their own favorite genre of music for which they crave to listen almost all the time. We have the common examples of DJs in bar playing the same theme songs. Just to make sure that the audience remains in the same hullabaloo. And when it comes to the regional songs and my choices to it, I have been really into a chaotic situation regarding music. I am just a stereotypical person and thus fall into the category of those who love to hear music as per the trend takes the turns. As for the past record, I have been into the most of the regional songs that can give me joy and keep my aura calm. Which included Attaullah masterpieces, Rahat kalam’s, Naghma songs and many things.

But since we are all the humans – kind of a social animal, our likeness is extravagantly similar and likely by the social norms and the things that are happening in the society. That’s something what has exactly happened to me. My likeness matched just like the society and then I started to recognize and explore new genres. The genres which I was certain of myself would never like but due to the trendsetting-songs, I got convinced. I still remember that I used to visit regional concerts just to listen those most wanted “Falak Shabir songs mp3”. And-at-that-time, I became really overwhelmed, but with the-passage-of-time, my interest in that start losing as well. Maybe, it’s just because I don’t feel them much powerful now as they used to be. Or there is a reason that the new or trending songs have got better musical and rhyming styles.

Whatever it is, it has hugely impacted my personality and in this blog, I am going to discuss it thoroughly. I will also share the complete history and evolution of my favorite music genre and why I like them.

The History of my Favorite Genre

Old Classics

At the very beginning, I used to like the songs which are based on rhyming words and have attractive vocals. Such as the songs of Attaullah and Nusrat. They used to be very rhyming and alluring as well with nothing but their inspirational vocals. Not to mention that they used to be very attractive throughout their whole era. Not only me, even people of the time used to love these songs. In Pakistan, wherever you go – whether it’s a café or a restaurant, you find their voice echoing the atmosphere.


Soon after, Jal band became famous to the Pakistani audience to know of their aesthetic creativity. And when the Jal band divided into multiple parts, then the people started to recognize Atif Aslam more prominently. Even more than time when he used to be there in the Jal band. With the separation, Atif started to create his own songs which most of the people appreciated. Then we had Himesh Reshammiya and others by whom the world got to know about the real Jazz and Rock songs.

Sufi Kalam

One of the most renowned tracks which are still well-known to be the most listen audios in overall Pakistan. Sufi Kalam from Rahat and Nusrat has always been the atmosphere creating aura. Not only that most of saloons and restaurants also present these Sufi Kalam just to make the audience feel cleanse. And even know of their beauty. This Sufism has been spread through these arts and the artists.

The Evolution of Music Through Ages

The Vocals

First of all, it used to be vocals only. People only knew about the beautiful and aesthetic voices. And thus, ended up praising them. There was no music – nothing else for the addition of making the songs more attractive.

The Music and the different Musical Instruments

But with the passage of time, people recognized the importance of the music in their songs. At the very beginning, they kept the music at the constant pace, which signified the importance of their arts. But later, they felt that their vocals are being suppressed by the music. So, they used kind of a combination of ups and downs musical tunes which resulted into biggest transformation of songs and made out new singers.

The Music Theatres

This was one of the oldest forms to play your songs and showcase your talent but in Pakistan, it was the newest thing for the artist to overcome. They could sing their best and record themselves to play their songs. And the most they can go is to sing live with their bands. But things took turns and then we had several competitions and different sorts of music shows. Those talent singing shows are called the music theatres of Pakistan. A place where a new generation rose and transformed the thinking to develop the music.


Summarizing the all facts and figures, we get to understand that there are hundreds of things which have changed by the time in music industry. As per my subjective perspective, my likeness has always been versatile and keeps on changing as per trends. I have also discussed about the age of transformation of music and how people get new singers through multiple talent singing shows.