Cold chain in Pakistan

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The Importance of Cold Storage for Medications

There is a great relationship between temperature and the storage of medications. The stability of pharmaceutical products depends heavily on the recent developments of scientific methods and technological advancements. Which helps producers to keep medications stored in the right temperature and conditions. This is why the industry related to cold storage of medications and pharmaceutical cold rooms in Pakistan and abroad has literally boomed. 

According to a study in the European Journal of Medical Research, currently, more than 15,000 new medicines are being developed around the world. Moreover, the study states that more than 7,000 of these are in the clinical trial stage. A significant portion of these medications is made of biopharmaceuticals, representing a category of complex medicines with a rich source of protein.

Let us explore in this post why pharmaceutical cold stores in Pakistan and abroad are highly important and indispensable for keeping medications in the optimum quality.

Mistakes in Medication Storage

Do you know what heat does to medications? The heat waves in Asia and especially in the urban areas of Pakistan can be sweating and devastating for humans, food items, and medications. The purpose of medications is to bring quick relief to one’s wellbeing. However, if they spoil in heat, they may have an adverse effect on wellbeing.

For example, if you take a medication or a pill for an allergy. Your allergy may get worst as the pill gets higher temperatures. Medications cannot be stored properly in a suitcase in the trunk of your car. This is because they are heat sensitive products and must be stored under controlled conditions throughout their life cycles.

Researchers claim that verifying temperature stability over time is crucial from production until the end of their shelf life. Therefore, in order to improve the safety of pharmaceutical products. The adequate control of temperature in all stages of transport (cold chain) is crucially important.

Importance of Cold Storage for Pharmaceuticals

A recent New York Times post explains that for patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease, a dose of a heat-damaged medication can be life-threatening such as insulin or nitroglycerin. This means that heat can break down every medicine with potential harmful effects. Cold storage for medications is vital for improving this situation.

Besides, there is no way for you to tell by simply looking at the liquid or solid medication what the problem lies inside it unless you consume or swallow it. This has been certified by the former president of the American Pharmacists Association.

General Temperature Control 

When medications are stored near 68 to 77 degrees, manufacturers guarantee and believe in their greater efficacy. However, if the range is not near that or outside that range, medications can start to degrade quickly and turn into unhealthy liquids. Hence, cold storage for medications is the ultimate solution.

Cold Storage for Medications in Pakistan and its Efficacy

We saw how medications can degrade under room temperatures quickly lose quality and require cold storage for medications to preserve and maintain their quality. This means that refrigerating them at low temperatures can significantly help to sustain them and retain their quality.

Moreover, medications can extend their shelf lives if pharmaceutical cold rooms can   sheet material of the medicine cold storage uses modern high-tech flame-retardant insulation materials which has excellent airtightness. Kendall’s medicine cold storage follows design norms and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This is where cold rooms in Pakistan play a crucial role in improving the storage of medications.

Medicine Cold Storage Types

Different types of medications require different pharmaceutical cold storage. For example, look at the requirements for vaccine, medications, and blood storage.

  • Vaccine Storage: At 0℃~8℃, it can be used to store vaccines, medicines, etc.
  • Medicine Storage: At 2℃~8℃ is adequate for various medications.
  • Blood Storage: At 5℃~1℃, it can be used to store blood, pharmaceutical and biological products, etc.

For blood plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents: The requirement is low-temperature-maintaining storage at -20℃~-30℃. Many cold rooms in Pakistan also use this technique to ensure safety and quality.  

For placenta, semen, stem cells, blood plasma, and bone marrows cold storage, ultra-low-temperature-maintaining storage is required at -30℃~-80℃. In fabricated houses for pharmaceutical industry, the best thing is cold rooms in Pakistan are highly sophisticated to store medications. Let us know more about them.

The Best Pharmaceutical Cold Storage in Pakistan

The medicine cold storage designed and installed by Izhar Foster Pakistan offers many unique benefits to maintain cold storage and quick-freezing solutions. The company provides fast refrigeration systems for cold rooms in all major cities in Pakistan with energy-efficiency and safety. The best cold room manufacturers in Pakistan install PIR Panels in fabricated houses to ensure medication cold storage.  

The engineers design the most advanced low-noise evaporative fans to ensure that the lowest energy consumption of the main unit achieves the highest efficiency. Adequately designed pharmaceutical cold rooms provide temperature and humidity for optimum storage of medications in cold rooms.

In warehouses or cold rooms in Pakistan where medications are stored, the temperature can be set freely within a range of +2℃~+8℃.  The warehouses are designed specifically with PIR Panels to keep the ultimate quality.

Izhar group is striving hard to flourish cold storage fabricated houses business in Pakistan and improving the lives of people. The goal is to provide an uninterrupted supply of medications around the clock. However, to protect pharmaceutical products from harsh weather, cold stores are vital elements of saving drugs from impacting the environment. Cold chain in Pakistan help to improve the lives of people by storing medications under adequate temperatures and conditions.