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The Ultimate Guide To Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services

Medical transcription can be an expensive and time-consuming process when done in-house. Not only will you need to hire a skilled transcriptionist, but you will also need to ensure that they follow various healthcare laws, especially HIPAA.

Due to this, most healthcare professionals and hospitals outsource it to an experienced service provider. If you are looking for a reliable partner for Medical transcription outsourcing services, you have come to the right place. In today’s blog, we will review some of the most common questions and concerns about outsourcing medical transcription. We’ll also highlight the benefits of medical transcription companies to help you get started quickly. 

What is Medical Transcription?   

Medical transcription has grown in popularity in recent years as an effective, less expensive alternative to medical scribes or other popular documentation solutions. Following a patient encounter, clinicians will send an audio file of the recorded visit to a transcriptionist, who will transcribe it into a written report.

These transcriptionists typically have a basic understanding of medicine and industry terminology. With this training, transcriptionists can provide reasonably accurate documents that doctors can use to complete their medical notes and integrate into their EHR.

What Is The Benefit of Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription enables information sharing among medical personnel, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Skimming through a written document is faster than listening to an audio recording, saving healthcare workers valuable time.

What Are the Different Types of Medical Transcription?

There are several forms of medical transcription, including clinic transcription, summary transcription, and dictation-transcription. 

Dictation transcription, which involves transcribing audio recordings of physicians and other healthcare professionals, is the most common type of medical transcription. 

Summary transcription demands that the transcriber summarize the audio recordings into shorter, more succinct pieces. 

Clinic transcription is the transcription of audio recordings made during clinic visits, such as patient histories, physical exams, and treatments.

What To Consider Before Outsourcing Medical Transcription Service? 

Cost: The majority of medical transcription providers charge per minute of audio. On that basis, you may compute the expected price.

Experience: You don’t want your transcriptionist to gain expertise at your expense. Choose someone who has past medical experience. They will know exactly how to manage the workload and what to include in the final draft.

Accuracy: Choose a medical transcription provider that guarantees at least 98 percent accuracy. The number of people who proofread the transcript also impacts the accuracy rate.

HIPAA compliance: Medical transcription provides sensitive health information about people. A HIPAA-compliant organization will take care of the confidentiality of both protected health information (PHI) and electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Benefits to Expect from Medical Transcription Outsourcing

So, if you are considering medical transcription outsourcing services for your healthcare organization, consider the following excellent benefits to help you finalize your decision:

Saves Money

One of the significant upsides to outsourcing medical transcribing services is that you only pay for what you require. Reputable medical transcription companies provide extremely competitive transcribing rates. And in most cases, it will be significantly less expensive than hiring an in-house transcriptionist. Outsourcing minimizes the need for HR, administrative, and training costs, as well as maintenance and equipment management costs.

Saves Time and Effort

The intent of medical transcription outsourcing services is to free up doctors’ time so they can concentrate on what is most important: treating patients. Transcription work is completed much faster with specialized professionals and a staff that may grow and shrink as needed. This considerably simplifies the documentation of patient notes and the processing of claims.

Improve Workflow Efficiency 

Quality medical transcription businesses have systems that closely correspond with the medical industry’s needs. They may work with you to manage and reduce your document workflow, from voice recording to document delivery, to meet your specific needs.

A competent transcription services provider will work with you to reduce the volume of unnecessary processes needed to save information while ensuring security and confidentiality. This, in conjunction with user-friendly software solutions, may make it much easier for you to acquire and preserve patient details without any difficulty.

Increase Accuracy 

Why is the accuracy of such a service? Transcriptions enable providers to determine the best treatment options for patients. Companies that provide medical transcription services may help you in ensuring the accuracy of your transcriptions.

If you choose a reliable medical transcription outsourcing services provider, you can expect high-quality transcriptions that adhere to tight accuracy requirements. Companies that provide transcription services have stringent selection procedures and employee training programs in place to make sure that they have the best transcriptionists on their team. Companies likely have editors and quality assurance workers for these operations, so they involve checks like editing, proofreading, and reviewing their procedures to ensure quality. 

Moreover, medical transcriptionists will be savvy with specialty terminology in domains such as neurology, cardiology, and others; such transcriptionists may help you with your specific needs. Furthermore, medical transcription service providers use globally standardized and HIPAA-compliant medical transcription practices.

Changes in Accommodation

Another reason why many medical practices choose to outsource their transcription needs is the ability to accommodate massive fluctuations in volume. However, the volume of transcription varies. When managing transcription in-house, you must maintain a staff regardless of workload. The volume requirements of each facility can vary significantly from week to week and season to season. On the other hand, medical transcription outsourcing services provide the advantages of scalability and handling large fluctuations in demand.

Moreover, outsourcing this function lets you benefit from having a team of expert medical typists accessible at all times without having to invest heavy resources in maintaining a group of employees who may be working a significant amount of time one week and then have nothing to do the next.

You might be able to have a ten-minute file transcribed one day and hundreds of hours completed the next with an outsourced medical transcription service.

Should You Outsource Your Medical Transcription?

The simple answer is Yes; it is highly beneficial and prevents errors and mishaps from happening. You must remember that medical transcription errors can endanger patients’ health. It is understandable to be hesitant about outsourcing such important work.

A reputable medical transcription outsourcing services provider recognizes the significance of accurate transcripts. In addition to transcribing, they edit and format transcripts per your specifications and ensure timely delivery. On top of that, they abide by strict transparency rules, ensuring maximum data and patient details security.

Final Thoughts

One of the most significant benefits of using outsourced medical transcription is that it saves you time and money. Outsourcing your medical transcription work can benefit any healthcare provider, from improving timeliness to ensuring HIPAA compliance. However, keep in mind that you can not outsource unless you find the right outsourcing company.
Choosing top medical transcription outsourcing services requires careful evaluation of an array of variables, such as security, accuracy, pricing, and scalability. Moreover, you will have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is receiving the proper security and secrecy by outsourcing your transcribing requirements to a trustworthy service. To make your medical transcribing task as easy as possible, you must be cautious while selecting an Outsourced Company.